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Anti-inflammatory effects of antibiotics

Some of the benefit of taking antibiotics for prostatitis may be due to antibiotics anti-inflammatory effects. Appreciation of these effects seems to be growing in the medical and scientific world. This page contains a number of quotes on the topic.

Dr. Daniel Shoskes Antibiotics (as all drugs, synthetic and "natural") have multiple effects beyond their "intended" ones. For example, I have used ketoconazole to treat fungal infection, metastatic prostate cancer and to increase blood cyclosporine levels in kidney transplant patients. Remember, Viagra was developed as a heart medication!
Antibiotics will, by definition reduce the inflammation associated with bacterial infection if they kill the bacteria. I am aware of literature on direct antiinflammatory effects of some tetracyclines (through inhibition of nitric oxide synthase pathways or IL-10 production) and cotrimoxazole (a component of Bactrim/Septra). There is however no proven "effect on prostate cells" or "cortisone-like effect".
These antiinflammatory effects are quite mild compared to those achieved with steroids or non-steroidal antiinflammatories (Daypro, Naprosyn etc).

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