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You could have BPH (non-cancerous growth of the prostate gland, formally termed "benign prostatic hyperplasia") or you could have chronic prostatitis, or you could have both. The diagnosis partly depends on your age. If you are over 50, the doctor may diagnose you with BPH rather than prostatitis, even with identical symptoms. Generally, though, BPH causes problems with urine flow, but does not cause pain. Try the prostatitis symptom index to see if you think you have prostatitis or BPH.
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Association of Prostatitis with BPH or Prostate Cancer

    Summary: Association of Prostatitis with BPH or Prostate Cancer AD Seftel, RN Rao, GT MacLennan, Ml ResnickCase Western Reserve University,. Department of Urology and Pathology,. Cleveland, OHThe relationship between prostatitis and benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) and prostate cancer (PCa) was examined, based on the hypothesis that there may be an association between prostatitis and these other entities and that this association may involve upregulation of inducible nitric oxide synthase. Forty (40) whole mount prostatectomy specimens were examined for the presence and distribution of a chronic inflammatory infiltrate. H & E staining was carried out, as well as immunostaining for inducible nitric oxide synthase.
Anatomy lesson
    Summary: The prostate gland produces most of the volume of the ejaculate. It is located "below," i.e. ventrally, of the urinary bladder. For a man to urinate, his urine stream must pass through his prostate gland. When he ejaculates, sperm from the testicles, some liquids from the seminal vesicles, and liquid from the prostate gland is mixed. .
The Prostatitis Syndromes
    Summary: Approaches to treating bacterial prostatitis, non-bacterial prostatitis, prostatodynia, benign prostatitic hyperplasia, sexual dysfunction, bashful bladder syndrome, waking at night to urinate, and possibly preventing prostate cancer.
    Summary: The best newsgroup to visit about this would be "sci.med. prostate.bph", because "bph" is "Benign prostate hyperplasia." It means that your prostate has grown in a benign way, in other words, you don't have cancer. But it's not very benign if you have to have major prostate surgery to relieve it.
AUA2000 Abstracts part one
    Summary: Abstracts from the American Urological Association annual meeting in 1998.
AUA 2000 Abstracts part two
    Summary: Abstracts from the American Urological Association annual meeting in 1998.
    Summary: Subject: I found in this newsgroup that prostate biopsy might cause infection or even cancer. Should it be refused if urologist wants to do it on the first visit? Primary care doctor found that prostate was enlarged.
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