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By Dr. Prof. Ibrahim Adnan Saracoglu


Fresh broccoli (unboiled) contains some enzymes that must be deactivated. The simple way to deactivate these enzymes is to boil the broccoli in water for 5 minutes. After boiling for 5 minutes, the enzymes will become inactive. If these enzymes aren't deactivated, the broccoli cannot successfully treat those suffering from BPH, prostatitis, or general urinary tract infections.
Broccoli contains very important compounds. These compounds can only treat those who are suffering from BPH or prostatitis when these enzymes are deactivated. If this is not done, the enzymes which broccoli contains start a different metabolic reaction so that the efficiency is reduced.

Mr. Bob Klein wrote:" I suspect the "whole" broccoli plant is better than just taking the purified supplement." I will address this argument with the following: It is absolutely not true that taking the purified supplement is better than boiled broccoli plant juice. Some important compounds are removed during the purification process, these compounds are very important for the
therapeutic effect on BPH, prostatitis, and urinary tract infections.

Of course, it is possible to recover the other important compounds during the purification process and to then add the broccoli tablet so that the supplement can have a more efficient effect. For recovering the important compounds to make a supplement, it is important to use a fractional distillation process, with temperature gradient.

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