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By Dr. Prof. Ibrahim Adnan Saracoglu

Broccoli Treatment — Frequently Asked Questions

I received some questions about my Broccoli Treatment, I have made a copy from these questions and I have answered them below
Q. Does the 21-day treatment include the 3-day rest periods? You recommend abstinence from animal fats. Does this mean one should not eat meat, fish, and chicken? How about cheese? Can you give examples of the right foods to eat?
A. The 21-day treatment does not include the 3-day rest periods.  You can eat fish and chicken as grilled, but no butter. Prefer diet cheese with lowest fat. No spices. No coffee, also no caffeine free coffee. Prefer plant oils, no margarine.
Q. Do we boil broccoli once a day or twice a day? The daily intake of broccoli broth is then 1 liter ?
A. Only one time. You boil 250 to 500 grams (9-18 ounces) broccoli in the morning. You drink half in the morning the other half you drink at dinner. The boiled broccoli you eat at lunch. After  drinking broccoli juice, wait 20 minutes. After 20 minutes start your breakfast or your dinner. Boil no longer than 5 minutes.
Q. Do you use the woody stalk (base of the plant) as part of the 250-500 grams or do you only use the flowering portion of the plant for the preparation?
A. You use woody stalk and also the flowering portion of the plant for the preparation.
Q. I've been avoiding broccoli because my doctor said it could cause some crystallization (of what?) that might irritate the prostate.
A. On the contrary, Broccoli Treatment avoiding crystallization. Broccoli Treatment can not cause crystallization. We have tested Broccoli Treatment on several thousand patients. Some of patients using Broccoli Treatment specially for resolving prostate stones and against crystallization in bladder.
Q. Are you allowed to eat other things or do you just eat brocolli & drink the broth for 7 days?
A. Of Course it is allowed to eat other things normally. But there are some restrictions like coffee etc.Please read for the detailed informations my HomePage: If you have more questions, please don't hesitate. Send me Emails at Email: isaracoglu@SUPERONLINE.COM . Best regards Prof.Dr.Saracoglu Ibrahim Adnan

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