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Nettles works for me

I would like to add my own solution, one that took me (temporarily or definitively ?) out of the pain of prostatitis : nettles.
I was disagnosed with abacterial prostatitis. Very painful. I could not urinate more than a few drops every ten or twenty minutes, and even that hurt the whole urinary tract from bladder to the tip of my penis. I had seen somewhere on the web a list of plants that could be used. The only non-exotic, relatively easily available one for me (I live in Switzerland) was nettles (urtica dioica), but the article said that nettles' use was not scientifically documented.
At any rate, what could I lose by trying ? In temperate climates, nettles grow everywhere, including in the middle of cities. I went down to my garden, but had only very small nettle leaves since it was february and nettles start growing like grass, i.e. when it gets warmer. So I did not have more than a few minuscule leaves, but still made a 30 minutes infusion, and drank it, one cup per day when my stomach was empty (mid-afternoon in my case). After two days (yes : *two* cups only), most of the pain had disappeared. The other symptoms took much more time to go away, but the pain was what bothered me most, and that was taken care of.
Since then, I have continued drinking one cup of nettles infusion each day, I have added a glass of broccoli broth twice a day, and things are much better now. I believe that nettles contain quercitin, as broccoli do. I do not pretend that I won't relapse, but am sure that fresh nettles have had a clear anti-inflammatory effect on me.
Of course my urologist thinks I am crazy and prefers to give expensive antibiotics, alpha blockers and artificial anti-inflammatories to his patients. Since I am surprised not to see nettles mentioned in Prostatitis discussion groups, I thought I owed it to the Prostatitis.org and to other co-sufferers to offer my own experience and hopefully help some of them improve their situation.
P.S. : FWIW a box of 20 bags (26 grams) of *dry* nettle leaves infusion (BrennesselblŠtter, Feuilles d'ortie, Foglie di ortica) is sold in supermarkets here in Switzerland (Migros) for 85 U.S. cts ($ 0.85). I do not know whether dry leaves will have the same effect as fresh ones, but for that price, it's also worth trying.

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