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Dear fellow prostatitis sufferers, I would like to share how I got cured of this awful disease.  Hopefully you will be as lucky as I was.  I realize there are apparently many causes and varieties of prostatitis, so I'll briefly describe my case.
I'm 44 years old, in otherwise moderately good health.
My symptoms began almost two years ago, when I developed pain in my lower abdomen and testicles and was diagnosed (by expressed secretion, which was found to have white blood cells in it) as having bacterial prostatitis. After trying several antibiotics over several months, the symptoms continued to return.  Then they put me on an antibiotic called Trovan for 3 months.  The symptoms disappeared, and did not return.  That was about December 1998.
Then, in July 1999, the same symptoms started up again.  It turned out Trovan had been banned because it was dangerous.  So they started with the same litany of antibiotics, each for 4-6 weeks before moving on to the next: Cipro, Doxycycline, Levaquin, Bactrim, Bactrim plus tetracycline, and Geocillin.  This went on for about 7 months.  Finally my urologist said we'd run out of options in the antibiotic realm: he said the next step might be microwave therapy on the prostate. He said my prostate does not show other signs of being sick: it's still the right size, and texture, he says, for a healthy gland.
At this point I got on the web and discovered the Prostatitis Foundation (God Bless them!).  On the website, I read about a medicine called Prosta-Q, which is an over-the-counter mixture of Quercetin and some other extracts to make the Quercetin be assimilated well.  I ordered a bottle (it's not cheap: 50 dollars for a one-month supply of 60 pills) and started taking it twice a day. (I discontinued the antibiotics.)  Lo and behold, within one week my symptoms began slowly to diminish.  That was four months ago.  The symptoms have waxed and waned during that time, but the overall trajectory has been steadily down to zero.  I have now been completely pain-free for more than a month!
I realize this stuff may not work for everybody: the wonderful doctor, Dr. Shoskes, who developed the medicine, himself states quite clearly that prostatitis is a multifaceted disease, for which many different approaches have to be used in different cases.  In my case, the Prosta-Q worked like a charm. If you're interested, the website to visit is www.prostaq.com. I sure do hope it works for you too!
Best, Michael

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