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Michael B's story

Thanks to this website, I can now say I am 90% cured of my Prostatitis. I was diagnosed with it by my urologist. Frequent urination, dribbling, double voiding, semen discharge, and the worst symptom was an uncomfortable, full feeling when I lay down at night. Some nights I was up all night. My doctor prescribed Bactrim. I took it for 60 days. Still, no relief!! I was almost at my rope's end until I read what some guys were doing to treat this malady.
I am 45 years old. I have never tried anything but controlled drugs (prescription drugs). At this point I decided I would try what some other guys have tried. As stated earlier, I am 90% cured. Every once in a while, if I indulge in too much spicy foods, caffeine, etc. I may experience a little discomfort. Other than that, I no longer have any symptoms. Here's what I did (and continue to do):
  1. Broccoli treatment (2 weeks); almost immediate relief.
  2. No caffeine (tea, coffee, cokes, etc.)
  3. Watch fatty foods, spicy foods, chocolate
  4. I take the following (MORNING/NIGHT):
  1. Prosta-Q
  2. Vitamin C with Quercetin
  3. Ultra-Saw Palmetto
  4. Zinc (30 mg)
  5. L-Glutamine
  6. Pumpkins seed oil (1000)
  7. Flax seed oil (1000)
  8. Vitamin A as Beta Carotene
  9. Amino acid
  10. Alfalfa (for chlorophyl)
  11. Selenium
Please try it guys. It has really helped me. Don't forget broccoli treatment. It gave me almost immediate relief (for whatever reason!!). Some of these supplements are quite expensive, but I am walking testimonial that hey are definitely worth it.
Hope it helps you. My doctor said they are aware that these remedies may help, but since they are "uncontrolled" substances, they would never prescribe them.
I'm telling ya, IT REALLY WORKS!!!!!
Michael B

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