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Naja Borealis

I am in my mid fifties and am presently experiencing a flare-up of chronic prostatitis. At age 30 I had an initial bout of bacterial prostatitis.
My urologist treated it with Bactrim and after several weeks advised me that I was no free of any infection. However, during the course of this therapy I developed the symptom of a relatively severe, chronic, dull, pulsating pain (not quite as bad as a tooth ache) that felt like t was a few inches inside the rectum. It was suggested that this was possibly my imagination.
Two more urologists confirmed that I was infection free and the last cultured semen and found only bacteria that is generally found in the prostrate and which generally does not cause infection. Nevertheless, he treated me for these bacteria with appropriate antibiotics.
There was no lessening of the pain. The second urologist had mentioned to me that he considered my pain to be inflammation related to the now cured infection. I treated myself with approximately 10 days of maximum allowed dose of Aspirin. Approximately 7 days into this treatment all pain was gone and did not recur for about a month, at which time I had ingested some alcoholic beverages. Three or 4 more days of Aspirin relieved all pain again.
For over 20 years now I have had mild recurrences; the most frequent trigger being straining the muscles in the pelvic region through strenuous exercise such as step climbers, exercycles and heavy jogging. These episodes subsided without treatment after 2-3 days of rest of these muscles.
This past summer I pushed myself through the mild pain and engaged in jogging for about 2 months, allowing the pain to gradually worsen until I sought medical help as my stomach will not now tolerate Aspirin or that type of anti-inflammatory agent, Advil and the like. Three weeks of CIPRO gave me no relief other than, I believe, from the fact that I stopped exercise during the taking of the antibiotic.
I have taken VIOXIN for two weeks, 50 mg daily and after about ten days the pain had disappeared, I think entirely, until four days later I resumed exercise and the pain came back. I have resumed the VIOXIN and despite some exercise that I should probably totally refrain from the pain is greatly lessened and manageable...Draw your own conclusions re: cause, etc....
My experience has shown me, that in my case, the best results are had through use of anti-inflammatory agents with little relief or none from the use of antibiotics.

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