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Pat's Story

For me, there has been two rounds of suffering from chronic prostatitis, each lasting about 1 1/2 year, 6 years apart. The first time, I was in LA, had a job with insurance, hence used the normal urologist route and went through 3 or 4 series of antibiotics, ending up with a messed intestinal tract. The MDs, although well trained in some respects, now, in retrospect, seem very limited in scope of diagnosis and treatment. I believe my case entirely escapes the accepted/conventional doctors' ways to understand the problem.
My symptoms were typical and mild to strong: constricted urination, repeated urinations (up to 6 times nightly). Erection and ejaculation were not a problem. Increased symptoms stemmed from alcohol, spicy food, and worst yet were driving. Also, stormy weather had somehow a connection with my pain level (still puzzles me to this day). Towards the end of my first bout, I change occupation entirely and somehow fixed the problem, as the pain slowly diminished.
The second time around, I was devastated, thought this would be with me till the end... I needed to drive, and it would set me back. Not driving at all helped but I knew I was not working on the root-cause. By now, I knew better than seeing another doctor. I started surfing the prostatis.org site and found it mind-opening, realized that there were maybe dozens of ways to end-up with the condition (sort of like looking at "stomach pains" or "headache"). I read many accounts until one really hit home.... it had to do with the relationship between muscles and prostatitis, and how working on relaxing the muscles could be at the source of it all. The symptoms described were matching mine (driving/sitting as a main cause of muscle contraction). Also, and this was the breakthrough, I always had two symmetrical points of tightness on the side of my belly, even back the first time (8 years ago), and even remember mentioning it to my urologist, and got no reaction from him!! This time I did some introspection, and started to press around the areas with my fingers and found extremely painful points all along certain muscles (one is the Iliopsas, I think). So, I designed a morning program:
20 min: meditation (I always did anyway) 15 min: deep self-massaging of the stomach areas with pain (use olive oil): strangely enough the pain moved around during the year that the treatment has lasted (and I still do it as a form of maintenance) 20 min: "Swedish" muscle stretching, where I picked a few specific muscle stretches from a book (I do now just a few motions)
Misc: no alcohol, coffee, spices, minimum driving/sitting, no masturbation/sitting, lovemaking is ok except when inflammation is already acute.
And it worked... I slowly pulled myself out. And I knew deep down the muscle disorder was the source and it did not matter that I suffered since I knew I was doing the right thing for myself. So my advice is to you is to read yourself, keep finding the connections between what you do/not do, eat etc.. and your condition. and if the root-cause is muscular, I hope this will give you a method to tackle it and get rid of it.
I really feel a sense of kinship to all the sufferers out there, and will send money to help the site. I know how hard it can be to have chronic prostatitis and still have to go through the motion of life with other people really clueless about it.

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