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Pollen Story

Hi guys,

Well, I just thought it would be a good idea at this time the share the treatment that seems to be working best for me. IÍve done my level best to eliminate the caffiene (which seems to irritate it the most), alcohol and spices in my diet. and am taking a litany of vitamins and supplements which include;

Flower Pollen 1000mg twice a day

(I started taking Cernilton about three months ago and this really has seemed to helped the most so far. Seems to help most with the perineal pain and I also have more energy and feel a bit more like myself.)

Quercetin 500mg twice a day

(IÍm using MRM but started on generics and then tried Prosta-Q for probably a year and I really canÍt tell that much difference, seems to help mainly the frequency and urgency.)

Standard multivitamin tablet. 1000mg vitamin C 400 IU vitamin E 400 IU vitamin D Flax Oil 1000mg

Avoiding masturbation seems to help too as well as making sure to get out and get some fresh air and exercise (IÍd say probably light walking is best). I avoid sitting down or spending alot of time in my car. There is a psychological element too (chronic pain is bound to have) and so I try to keep my mind and my body occupied and this seems to help alot. I actually had to stop looking at the prostatitis websites too much because it made me concentrate to much on my illness and the frustration of not being able to cure it. Trying to keep my mind in a positive framework, not necessarily always worrying about the prostatitis but instead always trying to find new ways to help alleviate my discomfort.

If I come up with anything else, I will post that too.

Best of luck, guys.

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