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Yeast-Mercury Poisoning-Back Pain

In 1989 I was diagnosed with prostatitis when I complained of back pain. I was prescribed an antibiotic and I also noticed a change but my back pain got worse. I thought the doctor was a whack and lived with severe pain for over 20 years. I did not follow up with another Dr. until 2010 when my wife was diagnosed with a Yeast infection during pregnancy. When I told her she had a yeast infection she scheduled and appointment with her doctor and we went together. I will describe my experiences more...
The thing is I had been to the doctor myself for my back pain, and my liver function tests were off too in a routine blood work up. The back pain was diagnosed with X-rays as degenerative disk disease. I was referred to physical therapy and at the evaluation was asked to move in ways that caused me severe abdominal wall pain. The physical therapist referred me back to my Dr. thinking I had a hernia so I was referred to a surgeon who said I had inflammation in the nodes in my groin area but no hernia and he felt that the pain was a result of the degenerative disk disease and that I needed an MRI and a specialist in back issues (can't remember the name of the doctor).
It was in between my visits to the digestive specialist for liver function, the surgeon for hernia and following up with our general Dr. that my wife's OBGYN hypothesized that I had a yeast infection.  On our first visit to her OBGYN she was in fact diagnosed with a yeast infection and treated for it. About a week after she had completed treatment we had intercourse and I became extremely irritated by yeast. As a result of the irritation I told my wife to call for a refill on her medicine but the doctor would not refill the medicine without seeing her again. We scheduled a second appointment and her Dr said she did not have a yeast infection and that I probably did and would give it back to her if I did not get treated for it. I thought this doctor was a whack too but I went online and searched for male yeast infection and found there were people reporting that it can happen. I hardly believe anything I read online unless I can back it up with facts so I called and scheduled a follow up with our general Dr. and told her I thought I had a yeast infection. The nurse, my wife and the female Doctor joked about it a little before I was physically examined by the doctor because this is typically a female problem and it was not a complaint that men come to their doctor about very often if ever... Anyway, when I told the Doctor that I had read something about Mercury Poisoning causing excess yeast and that I felt I had a yeast infection because I was the poster child for Mercury poisoning she looked at me like I was nuts and was rattling off all sorts of other causes for my anal and crotch itching, back pain, blurred vision, ears ringing, along with about 20 other minor symptoms but I insisted I had a yeast infection and that I felt it was a symptom of mercury poisoning because I had been previously diagnosed with prostatitis and that the some studies show a link where antibiotics have been thought to open the door for yeast as well as the mercury I had been exposed to. Finally she says, ok, drop your pants and let's take a look. I purposely did not shower that morning having showered the night before and sure enough the yeast was there and my Doctor looked puzzled and said she was giving me Diflucan for it and we would do the mercury test to humor me too.
Sure enough, I take one diflucan tablet and it was like a stick of dynamite went off inside of my body. I had severe chest pains, what felt like a hernia, my vision cleared up, my tongue turned from white to pink, I crapped like 10 times in one day and urinated excessively too. After 24 hours the chest pain went away, the slimy feeling in my throat went away, I could breath easier, my vision improved even more, the abdominal pain went away and so did my back pain that I had suffered from for over 20 years when I was originally diagnosed with prostatitis. My erections also became fully erect and instead of slimy yeast, my skin on my penis got very dry. I am still taking the Diflucan and am on my 3rd of 10 pills now but I have not felt better in over 20 years!
It turns out that my Mercury test indicated that the level of mercury in my body is multiple times the acceptable level. I tried to explain my theory of mercury to the doctor because I grew up in FL and we ate fish daily. After looking into Mercury in fish I found that the Snook, Shark, Spotted Trout, Redfish and other seafood I had consumed all of my life was either on a do not consume list or a list of limited consumption of 8 oz per month. Needless to say I had consumed more than 50 X the amount of these fish than what I should have according the EPA throughout my entire life. Needless to say, I am convinced, that a combination of mercury poisoning, use of  antibiotics to treat bacterial prostatitis and exposure to a female yeast infection 20 years ago all contributed to a chronic systemic yeast infection including the prostate issues I have had for over 20 years and I owe feeling better to a visit to my wife's OBGYN.
If you would like me to follow up more as I undergo the mercury detoxification process using Zeolite with my doctor monitoring the progress just let me know and I will gladly update my failure or success with blood level testing by my doctor. I know this is not the standard mercury detoxification process so it may or may not work but I think my doctor is now convinced that I have a mercury poisoning and that the mercury at least contributed to the yeast overpopulation throughout my body and organs just like I told her that I thought was my problem. Sometimes the mainstream thinking will rule out possible causes of problems so an open mind approach to treating patients in something every doctor should have. Sometimes listening to your patients might prove to be a valuable tool for a proper diagnosis. While I may have degenerative disk disease, degenerative disk disease alone does not always present the symptoms of pain in your patient and the prostate can cause severed back pain. If your patient says, I think my prostate is causing my back pain, listen to him and maybe look into the Yeast Infection as a possible cause of the prostate problems...

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