Causes of prostatitis
Bacterial Causes
Immune Causes
Physical Causes
Stanford University is studying behavioral modification approaches to neuromuscular treatment of prostatitis.
Abstract by Stanford group
Scientific Publication on Myofascial Therapy
Prostatitis as a tension disorder
Neural stimulation therapy
Electrical stimulation therapy
Muscle tension disorder
Uric Acid
Viral Causes
Prostate stones
Yeast infestation
Methods of treatment

Causes of Prostatitis

Physical and neuromuscular causes of Chronic Prostatitis

Any one or more than one of a variety of physical, muscular or neurological conditions may be at the root of your prostatitis. For example, injury to the spinal disks in the lower back can cause symptoms of prostatitis. So can a disordered state of tension in your pelvic floor musculature. A physical stricture or blockage in your urethra —the tube that carries your urine— may cause backflow or urine reflux, causing prostate inflammation.
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Prostatitis as a tension disorder,

Prostatitis as a problem with pelvic floor musculature.

Epidydimitis related to pelvic muscle strain

Research abstract on myfascial therapy

A study at Stanford University on Myfascial therapy

Research abstract from Stanford group.

Use of Electrical Stimulation Therapy to treat pelvic muscle disorder

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