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Notes on Video Clips
This website is able to post video clips and has done so in the past, but none are available at present. The reason for this decision is that it costs a lot of money to host even a small video clip online. With only a few downloads, The Prostatitis Foundation and this site's webmaster feel that TPF's limited funds would be better spent on education and research than making video clips available.
You could obtain a video clip under the following conditions.
  1. Write to the webmaster and describe the exact video clip you want and the medium you want it on (VHS tape of CD-Rom with Quicktime file).
  2. Agree with the webmaster on a price for this service.
  3. Obtain permission from the doctor or others featured in the video, and
  4. Wait up to 4 weeks for delivery.
These video clips have a number of limitations:
  1. Video was recorded in ambient (hotel meeting room) lighting.
  2. The person recording the clips had a number of other jobs to do at the same time.
  3. Sometimes the sound system was not hooked up.
  4. Clips have been shrunk to conserve bandwidth and shorten download time, and thus are made more fuzzy as a result.

This information is forwarded to you by the Prostatitis Foundation. We do not provide medical advice. We distribute literature and information relevant to prostatitis. While we encourage all research we do not endorse any doctor, medicine or treatment protocol. Consult with your own physician.
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