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ICPN 99 Home

The Second International Prostatitis Collaborative Network Workshop, Nov. 4-5, 1999 was a watershed event in the history of prostatitis, according to several attendees. The meeting, held in a hotel in Bethesda, MD, brought together more than 100 Doctors, Researchers and Patients. More than 25 research posters were presented. Attendees came from more than a dozen countries.

The meeting did not result in any clear breakthrough in understanding the disease. If a person did not listen carefully, he or she might come away with the impression the meeting emphasized how little was truly certain about prostatitis on a scientific level, since there were so many diverse opinions expressed.

The accomplishment was rather one of making clear how much work there is to do, and in forming the connections between the top researchers and practitioners and leaders among the patients to be able to proceed with addressing the many questions about prostatitis. Progress will not come easily. But the isolation of prostatitis from scientific understanding, and from public awareness is beginning to end. And the isolation of prostatitis practitioners and researchers from each other is now a thing of the past.

This site (or rather, this portion of the website) presents, as accurately as possible, what was discussed at the meeting. Most of the official abstracts of the poster presentations are presented verbatim. Narrative accounts of each meeting session, with attributed quotes from the speakers will give you a sense of how the sessions went. A few snapshots from the meeting are scattered throughout the pages. A description of how this site was prepared is available on the "about" page.

Ken Smith, Webmaster and author of this site.