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Abstract 16

The Krisiloff Diet: A Simple Dietary Cure for Prostatitis

M Krisiloff

Private Practice of Urology, Former Chief of Urology, Saint John's Hospital and Medical Center, Santa Monica, CA

Since 1977, Dr. Krisiloff has treated 1,710 men with chronic prostatitis. The treatment was simple and inexpensive and based on the theory that chronic prostatitis is an allergic inflammatory reaction to caffeine, alcohol, and hot spices.

A study was done to determine the effectiveness of The Krisiloff Diet for the treatment of prostatitis

The charts of 1,710 men with symptoms of prostatitis between 1977 and 1998 were reviewed. All patients in the study had at least two symptoms commonly associated with prostatitis. All patients were treated only with The Krisiloff Diet, which eliminated caffeine, alcohol, and hot spicy foods for 12 weeks. No other form of therapy or medication was used.

There was an 87% success rate after 12 weeks of dietary treatment only. Success is defined as a significant improvement in each and every symptom at reevaluation, 12 weeks after dietary restrictions were started.

It is proposed that the long-sought etiology for prostatitis is an inflammatory "allergic-like" reaction to caffeine, alcohol, and hot spices.

It is proposed that with proper dietary changes, using The Krisiloff Diet, patients can be cured of chronic prostatitis. No other methods or treatments are necessary.