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Abstract 30

Empowering Patients with Chronic Active Prostatitis (CAP)

Art, Brian, Marc, Sam, and DC Bolles

Prostatitis Center, Tucson, AZ

Patients with chronic prostatitis may have a significant impact on controlling their symptoms and/ or curing their disease if they are able to have effective, regular and frequent (4 to 7 times per week), prostatic massages for a prolonged period of time (several weeks to several months).

However, they often find it difficult to obtain massages from physicians on a regular basis. At best, frequent physician massages are expensive, and they are time consuming for the patient. Often, patients complain that physician massages are ineffective because most physicians are no longer trained in the proper technique.

Therefore, patients, their friends and spouses, and/or their relatives have been taught the technique of prostatic massage. Patients have been resourceful, some receiving regular massages from their wives, ex-wives, fiancees, girl- friends, ax-girl-friends, mothers, brothers, fathers, etc.

Several patients have successfully mastered the technique of self-massage.

In addition to digital prostatic massages, mechanical devices have been used in several cases to effect an adequate massage.

Preliminary results clearly indicate that several patients, so empowered, have had a great reduction in their symptoms.