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Interleukin-10 (T2) to Interleukin-2 (T1) Ratios Directly Correlate with Nerve Growth Factor and Stem Cell Factor Levels in Seminal Plasma of Nonbacterial Chronic Prostatitis Patients

J Wong, L Miller, W Underwood, S Goralnick, D Kreutzer, P Albertsen

University of Connecticut, Division of Urology, Farmington, CT

Introduction Nonbacterial Chronic Prostatitis (NBCP) is a chronic inflammatory disease of unknown etiology and pathogenesis. NBCP is histologically characterized by the presence of Iymphocytes, mast cells, and macrophages in prostatic tissue and secretions. We hypothesize that NBCP results from an imbalance of cytokines, which promotes mast cell mediated tissue injury. Specifically, we hypothesize the T2 cytokine {e.g. interleukin-10 (IL-10)} dominate over T1 cytokine {e.g., interleukin-2(1L-2)} in prostatitis. This imbalance results in an increased mast cell proliferation, activation, lifespan ,and tissue injury mediated via increased Stem Cell Factor (SCF) and Nerve Growth Factor. Thus we hypothesize the T2/T1 ratio would directly correlate with SCF and NGF levels in patients with NBCP.

Methods We obtained seminal plasma from 28 men who met the NIH criteria for NBCP. Using commercial ELISA assays, IL-10, IL-2, NGF, and SCF levels were quantified and expressed in pg/ml. T2/T1 (IL-10/IL-2) ratios were calculated and statistical correlations were calculated using linear regression analysis.

Results There were no significant direct correlations when IL-2 was independently compared to NGF and SCF. Similar results were obtained when IL-10 was independently compared to NGF and SCF. However, significant direct correlations were obtained when T2/T1(IL-10/ IL-2) was compared to NGF (p<0.037) and SCF (p<0.038) in the NBCP patients. Additionally, there was a significant direct correlation between IL-2 and IL-10 (p<0.0005).

Conclusions We conclude that the dominance of T2(1L-10) to T1(IL-2) cytokines promote mast cell activity that leads to elevated mast cell markers, and this is demonstrated by the direct correlation between T2/T1 and NGF as well as SCF in the seminal plasma of NBCP patients.