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Abstract 5

One Prostatitis Patient's History and "Cure"


DC Bolles

Bolles, prostatitis patient:

Interesting angle: Has symptoms under control using unconventional therapy.

Very Brief History:

5-year sufferer, usual Urologist roundabout

_ symptom onset

_ timeframe

_ doctors' visits

_ very typical of many prostatitis patients, multiple urologists, antibacterials,, etc.

Polacheck stay (3 months), treatment

_ "the Feliciano method"

_ massive antibiotics, antifungals,, etc., for 6 weeks

_ regular massages and cultures

_ cultures showed little then and now

_ symptoms before and after

Ongoing symptoms:

_ peritoneum pain

_ penis tip referred nerve pain

_ redness


Ongoing therapy and drugs

_ strong exercise program, weight control

_ condom-only sex, no oral sex, one partner

_ biweekly prostatic massage by wife

_ medications to dispense pain, relax pelvic floor

_ trazadone, transxene, tegretrol_ dosages and why

_ does this work?


_ still have prostatitis

_ problems_cannot sit for more than 4 hours per day, must keep relaxed

_ solutions_approach to life_ mentally and physically

_ but, symptoms are now mild and can live with current state of disease


_ theory on why this works for some (ongoing form of Feliciano treatment), and not others

_ size/texture of prostate before/after (now like 22-year-old kid)

_ urologists say I am "cured"

_ continued to be monitored for changes and drug therapy continues