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We would like to remind you of the New Investigator's Award offered to new investigators to present their work at the SIIU poster session on May 18, 2008. The first place award will cover up to $1500 for travel expenses etc, and we hope to award second and third place prizes as well.

These awards will be announced at this year's SIIU meeting in Orlando, so if you know of any new investigators that would like to attend, please have them submit an abstract for the poster. Please indicate upon submission that the abstract is in competition for the awards.

All abstracts should be submitted to Joe Downey at (phone 613 548-7832 FAX 613 548-7834).

Please note that the society voted to allow AUA posters, submitted by New Investigator's to be eligible for consideration for SIIU award if the poster fits the infection and inflammation profile of the society.

FROM: Daniel Shoskes, MD President, SIIU
John Forrest, MD Vice-President, SIIU
Robert Moldwin, MD Secretary, SIIU
Michel Pontari, MD Treasurer, SIIU

Notes for Doctors and Researchers:

1. I notice there are several doctors reporting Prostatitis problems on this web site. I can't help but pointing out that doctors would have a higher than average exposure to Triclosan due to it's prevalence in the medical environment e.g. surgical soaps, surgical gloves etc.

2. This chemical seems to be having an effect on the central nervous system, either directly or indirectly. Triclosan has been associated with effects on nerves (J Clin Periodontol. 1995 Jun;22(6):488-93. ). Also, new research has shown that Triclosan can react with chlorine in tap water to produce chloroform (Environ Sci Technol. 2005 May 1:39(9):3176-85)  which is known to damage the central nervous system.  Central nervous system disorders & nerve problems are of course associated with bladder dysfunction. Has anyone else joined these dots?

3. Using Triclosan containing toothpaste for many years didn't cause a problem, but only after a certain length of time (5-6 years). Could there be some bioaccumulation going on, or cumulative nerve damage? I've read that Triclosan is accumulates in fat (lipophlic).

4. The correlation to stress in my symptoms makes it easy to see how physicians are diagnosing these symptoms as an anxiety disorder. However, my experience tells me this is not the root of the problem, it only amplifies the underlying issue. Perhaps new research needs to look more closely at toxicology & the central nervous system for the underlying cause. Maybe there are multiple chemicals or drugs that could produce the same damaging effects through different mechanisms?

5. Stress is related to blood pressure, which in turn affects the Kidney's ability to filter toxins from the blood. Perhaps this is the reason why chemical induced Prostatitis like mine initially flares up with stress? i.e. the bodies ability to rid itself from toxins is reduced allowing a greater than average concentration of toxins which then affect the central nervous system causing Prostatitis symptoms"



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