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Transrectal thermotherapy of chronic prostatitis

H. Ljungnér
Assistant Professor and Private Practitioner, Halmstad Sweden
Transrectal thermotherapy (TRT) is an effective way to improve prostatitis of a chronic nature. Its mode of action is not clear but probably works to increase the local blood flow through the prostatic gland and pelvic muscle area. During Jan. 1990 to Dec. 1999, 2685 men (age 16-61 years) were treated at least two times (range 3-119 treatments). 485 men had to be treated more than two times.
The equipment was manufactured by DELWA (Thermo H ). Each treatment interval was 12 minutes at a temperature of +41°C (+106° F) and the interval periods varied between one week to four weeks. The treatment was performed without any sedation/ anaesthesic. Prior to the treatment antibiotic Norfloxacin 500 mg x2 was orally given during 10 days. Transrectal prostatic massage was performed. Carcinoma of the prostatic gland was excluded testing PSA.
95% of the material were satisfied/cured by this treatment.
TRT is an effective and safe alternative way to treat chronical prostatitis and furthermore, to prevent recurrency of this disease when used as a prophylactic manner. And most of the patients did not have the need of any more antibiotic treatment.

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