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Third International Chronic Prostatitis Network

Proposal Submitted by J. Curtis Nickel, MD

October 2000
Preamble: The National Institutes of Health International Prostatitis Collaborative Network (NIH-IPCN) is an evolving organization, sponsored and promoted by the NIH, of international prostatitis researchers, clinicians, patients, and industry whose mandate is to promote research and education in Prostatitis.
IPCN Data Base:
The NIH-IPCN data base will be an international study in which researchers and clinicians will enroll prostatitis patients in a standardized protocol to further our understanding of the epidemiology, etiology, natural history, and treatment of chronic prostatitis/chronic pelvic pain syndrome (CP/CPPS).
Steering Committee:
The steering committee will consist of:
  • A representative of the NIH/NIDDK
  • A representative of the NIH-IPCN steering committee
  • A representative of the NIH-CPCRN
  • A representative of the coordinating center/data base managers
  • 3 international representatives of the NIH-IPCN
  • To develop an international chronic prostatitis/chronic pelvic pain syndrome (CP/CPPS) data base
  • To determine the international spectrum of CP/CPPS
  • To examine possible etiological correlations
  • To compare the International Prostatitis Data Base to the North American NIH-CPCRN CPC data base
  • To stimulate translation of the NIH Chronic Prostatitis Symptom Index into as many international languages as possible
  • To promote large international and collaborative studies in the etiology, epidemiology, natural history and treatment of CP/CPPS
The steering committee of the NIH-IPCN International Prostatitis Data Base Study will develop an international data base study protocol, similar and comparable to the North American NIH-CPCRN CPC study.
The project will be partially funded, endorsed and coordinated by the National Institutes of Health. Major funding of the project will come from Industry grants.

This information is forwarded to you by the Prostatitis Foundation. We do not provide medical advice. We distribute literature and information relevant to prostatitis. While we encourage all research we do not endorse any doctor, medicine or treatment protocol. Consult with your own physician.
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