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Epidemiological data on the prevalent diagnostic and treatment procedures for chronic prostatitis in the ambulatory care setting

Boris L. Gushchin, Mildred E. Francis
Moscow, Russia and Bethesda, Maryland
Introduction & Objectives
Chronic prostatitis has remained an enigmatic clinical condition for a number of years. In the past several years substantial progress has been made in the area of understanding clinical aspects of chronic pro-statitis. Recently developed NIH chronic prostatitis classification and symptom index create a foundation for a more uniform assessment of this condition. Rapidly increasing interest to this disease entity con-fronts by a relative last of the sufficient epidemiological data on the principal methods of the chronic prostatitis diagnosis and clinical management.
For the analysis we have utilized data from the National Survey of Ambulatory Surgery (NSAS) for the years 1994-1996. The weighted distribution data were obtained to identify the ten most common procedures for ambulatory visits associated with chronic prostatitis (ICD code 601.1) in adult males (age 25+). Chronic prostatitis was listed as a first and any diagnosis.
Results (See table below)
Weighted numbers for the procedures associated with a chronic prostatitis as a first listed diagnosis during ambulatory visits for the years 1994, 1995 and 1996 have shown in the table below.
Data from the NSAS represent the number of procedures for chronic prostatitis in ambulatory care setting and show consistent decline in the volume of both diagnostic and treatment modalities. The most dramatic decrease (-65.6%) was found for the number of cystoscopies. The number of office visits for chronic prostatitis has been increasing during the years 1994- 1996. Analysis of the data for the most recent years will be valuable in proving that newly developed various symptom indexes and especially NIH-CPSI are instru-mental in the decline of the number of diagnostic procedures done for chronic prostatitis.
Diagnostic/treatment procedures199419951996
Prostate biopsy1,7131,3981,308
Prostate massage1,223723414
Antibiotic injection into prostateNA328NA
Number of visits6,661,8577,223,2857,789,773

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