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Application of universal academic principles to diagnosis and management of Pelvic Disorders (PD), Prostatitis in particular

P. Fugazzotto
Cystitis Research Center (CRC), Rapid City, South Dakota
Present day lab procedures for diagnosis of PD are a spin-off from an article by Kass in1956 entitled "Asymptomatic Infections of the Urinary Tracts." According to a universal rule handed down to medical schools, there can be no such event as "asymptomatic infection." All infections are symptomatic based on the proven authenticated trilogy rule of about 1500+ years ago.
Reliance on the Kass report is absolutely irresponsible, also proven by another authentic uni-versal rule: Cause and Effect. Every PD has a cause (100%) which must be found by proven authentic procedures for isolation of a specific PD etiologic agent. This does not emerge as promoted by the Kass report, to simple colony counts of normal non-pathogenic human strains of E-coli Saprophytes; UA, pus cell microscopic, or any other cost sparing device. Such approach actually serves to overrule the clinician's prior diagnosis of infection. The authentic obligation of the laboratory is to find the cause, not to make a clinical judgment of the patient's condition.
In the case of prostatitis, we at CRC have found, as have other workers, that the insulting agent is a staphylococcus: specifically Staphylococcus albus (or epidermidis). This organism has long been recognized as a saprophyte-non pathogenic. Its adverse effect, as confined to the prostate area, is due to the First Law of Nature: Self Preservation. As such, this organ-ism is unique in fostering pustule formation. These pustules block the normal functions of the prostate, causing discomfort due to blockage or obstruction from colonial buildup. This is not infection. It requires expression of pustules, as well as appropriate anti-biotic treatment for proper management.

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