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The Stamey localisation procedure is painful

R. Batstone and A. Doble
Addenbrooke's Hospital, Cambridge, England
Materials & Methods
This is a prospective descriptive study of the pain associated with a Stamey localisation procedure. The Stamey localisation procedure is widely recognized by Urologists as being an uncomfortable test but objective data to confirm this impression has not been published. From July 2000 to September 2000, men attending our Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome clinic who underwent a Stamey localisation participated in this study. The patient's age, duration of symptoms, NIH CPSI score, the surgeon who performed the localisation procedure, patient position, duration of massage, number of drops of EPS obtained and the final Stamey result were recorded. Within 5 minutes all men were asked to complete a 10 cm visual analogue scale (VAS) documenting the pain of the prostatic massage.
0 _____________________________________________________________________________10 no pain                                                                                             worst pain
The pain scores were measured using a ruler and documented in cm. RESULTS (See table below) 20 men participated in this study, all were performed in the lean over position, and EPS was obtained in 6 patients.
With a median pain score of 6.9, only 2/20 patients recording no pain with the procedure <cm on VAS, 14/20 (70%) scoring more than 6cm, and 3/20 scor-ing >9cm it is noted that this procedure is extremely uncomfortable for the majority of men. We recommend analgesia prior to a Stamey localisation and shall be commencing a randomised controlled trial. Given the high levels of pain associated with the procedure, the Stamey localisation could prove to be a useful model for studying prostatic pain relief.

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