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Can allergic reactions to foods and other substances cause prostatitis?

Excerpts from patient comments over the years.

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Wheat allergy
  • Summary: Subject: Does anybody (man with prostatitis, or their partners) have strong allergy to wheat - i.e., cannot eat bread, wheat flour products, etc? If I get significant positive response, I will share my thought. If not, I will table one hypothesis.
Family allergies
  • Summary: I have had a similar problem but I am not putting all the blame on the antibiotics since I have a family history of allergies and almost all alergic reactions are geneticaly related. the antibiotics just happent to increase a person sensitivity to just about about everything.
The Krisiloff Diet
  • Summary: The Krisiloff Diet: A Simple Dietary Cure for Prostatitis, M Krisiloff, Private Practice of Urology, Former Chief of Urology, Saint John's Hospital and Medical Center, Santa Monica, CASince 1977, Dr. Krisiloff has treated 1,710 men with chronic prostatitis. The treatment was simple and inexpensive and based on the theory that chronic prostatitis is an allergic inflammatory reaction to caffeine, alcohol, and hot spices.
Allergic to legumes
  • Summary: Subject: Nearly all my symptoms are gone now. The final thing I did was go on a very special diet to isolated the foods I am allergic to, by the way I allergic to all legumes since I have not eaten any beans or bean based products I have not had a problem. Good Luck to you all, Charles Pratt P.S. I pee great now. .. ! Not something that will make me famous, but it will do. . you never miss something tell you cannot do it ...
Penicillin-related drug allergy
  • Summary: Subject: allergic to penicillin-related drugs I have had prostatitis for about eight years now, with fairly steady symptoms for the past 18 months. For the past 12 of those months I have kept those symptoms fairly well under control with DYI drainage, which works very well for me--at least temporarily. In my desire to be more aggressive about treating my prostatitis, I sent semen and urine specimens to Dr. Fugazzato and a urologist who is willing to listen to suggestions on medicating that I get from Dr. Fugazzatto and the other doctors from this list.
Fasting helps symptoms
  • Summary: I fasted last week (in order to get over a stomach virus), and noticed an improvement in my CP symptoms. Also felt more energetic. I mentioned this to my GP, who gave me a diet used to find food allergies, which I'm starting. It may be a long shot, but after 10 years of CP, I'm willing to take a shot at it. If no obvious allergies, I may fast 1 day/wk anyway.
Holisitc approach to allergy
  • Summary: Subject: I have been seeing a holistic Doctor . He has me taking many vitamins a day - 27 in the morning. . He also says I am allergic to all types of food right now, ex. wheat, dairy, potatoes, peanut butter, alcohol, oranges. ... and the list goes on.
Soy allergy
  • Summary: Subject: I sorted though some of my main food allergies the main being for me being soy based products or anything with a bean in it. strangly not coffee since I think it is actually a seed from a tree. I don't know were my therapy is taking me but though the kindness of my current Dr's I have two an allergist and a kidney specialist.


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