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ArgoMed Inc. is enrolling patients for a Prostatitis Study to be conducted in Germany and the Netherlands
Stadt. Kliniken St.Georg,
Dr.A.Richter, Delitzscher Str. 1
D-04129 Leipzig
Tel.+49-341-909 27 51
Innere Wiener Stra?e 50
D-81667 Munchen
Tel.+49-89-6 88 610
Diakoniekrankenhaus, PD
Elise-Averdieck-Str. 17
D-27356 Rotenburg/W.
Tel.+49-4261-77 23 61
St.Maartens Gasthuis,
Postbus 1926
NL-5912BL Venlo
Tel.+31-77-320 55 55
For further information and sites, please contact ARGOMED Deutschland GmbH, Grossmoorbogen 15, D-21079 Hamburg Tel (free) 0-800-274 66 33.
If you need more details regarding this study, please feel free to contact me.

Thank you,
Iulian Cioanta

This information is forwarded to you by the Prostatitis Foundation. We do not provide medical advice. We distribute literature and information relevant to prostatitis. While we encourage all research we do not endorse any doctor, medicine or treatment protocol. Consult with your own physician.
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