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Note:  Because there is no scientific consensus on prostatitis and because some patients continue to suffer despite even the best methods, it is up to you, the patient, to decide what works best for you.  The Prostatitis Foundation does not make any warranty or promise about the quality of information at any of these sites nor the quality of medical care that can be found through the sites.  There are no sure cures for prostatitis that work in every case. The information here is for your consideration only and not a recommendation of the Prostatitis Foundation or anyone affiliated with it.  

Links to advanced clinics and labs relating to prostatitis. The Prostatitis Foundation makes no claim about the quality of care at these facilities but provides these links as a service to prostatitis sufferers. The only criterion for appearing on this page is that the clinic specializes or focuses on prostatitis. Some clinics here are not run by urologists. Please let us know through the mailbox below about your experiences at these clinics.

The Prostatitis Foundation does not accept payments from clinics or physicians wanting to be on this web page and does not endorse or recommend any clinic on this web page.

Dr. Polacheck has temporarily closed his office and may possibly retire permanently. For those who want to contact him they should call 520-743-1362.

To inform you of 2 clinics in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, who specialize in Prostatitis.

I have a solo practice or urology in which I treat a high volume of men with chronic prostatitis.. . I have a practice Web site at I believe in individualizing care for prostatitis and utilize massage, oral or parenteral antibiotics, anti-inflammatory agents, and topical agents in selected patients. I do not believe one formula works for everyone.

David Cornell, MD
David H. Cornell, MD, LLC
993-C Johnson Ferry Road
Suite 225
Atlanta, Georgia 30342
Office: (404) 255-2855
Fax: (404) 255-1284

Leonard Staller P.A.-C is a Physician's Assistant who has been practicing urology in the Pamona, New Jersey area since 1992. He will be happy to treat new prostatitis patients. He offers prostate massage for those seeking it.
He can be reached by email at
Dr. Stanley Antolak opened a new office in a suburb of the metropolitan
Twin Cities on December 1, 2021

Center for Urologic and Pelvic Pain
8650 Hudson Boulevard, Suite 325
Lake Elmo, MN 55042
Fax 651-714-8255

The webpage has information relating to the practice there
Pudendal Nerve Entrapment (PNE) has been discussed as a contributing factor in some cases of chronic prostatitis. Dr. Kenneth Renney in Houston Texas has experience with the problem both as a patient and physician. For information go to and where you can find directions to contact Dr. Renney's office. 

Dr. Daniel Shoskes MD FRCS, formerly with UCLA and the Institute for Male Urology in California, is now at The Cleveland Clinic Foundation, Glickman Urological Institute, 9500 Euclid Avenue/A100, Cleveland OH 44195, (216) 445- 4757Dr. Shoskes has his own website at (just click).

Dr. Scott Zeitlin opened the Los Angeles Infertility and Prostatitis Medical Group in Sherman Oaks, CA.

The new address is:
2080 Century Park East #1407
Los Angeles, CA 90067
Telephone 310-284-8191
Fax 310-284-8113

The advantage of the clinic is that it provides personalized individual attention to the needs of men with prostatitis and pelvic pain.

A prostatitis pain clinic which is seeking prostatitis patients for research has opened at the University of Connecticut. You an find out more by following this link: "We are dedicated to improving our understanding of chronic prostatitis and pelvic pain. We are physicians, researchers and nurses at the General Clinical Research Center currently studying the role of inflamation on prostatitis."
The Prostatitis Clinic at the University of Washington in Seattle
Information about prostatitis studies at this clinic has been revised March 16, 2000. This clinic is led by Drs. Richard Berger, M.D., Professor and John N. Krieger, M.D., Professor. Both are active in national efforts to find better methods of diagnosis and treatment of prostatitis.
Dr Attila Toth at the MacLeod laboratory offers direct antibiotic injections for the treatment of both prostatitis and epididymitis. A modified version of Dr Federico Guercini's protocol is used for transrectal antibiotic injections. The laboratory specializes in both male and female pelvic infections and infertility and offers expert microbiological evaluations of genital secretions.
Web address: and
Dr. Duke Bahn does intra-prostatic injections of antimicrobials and steroids into the prostate for men afflicted with prostatitis. He also does biopsies to rule out prostate cancer when indicated. Dr. Bahn's web site is at: http://ww Dr. Bahn runs the Prostate Institute of America at:168 North Brent Street Suite 402 Ventura, California 93003 805/585-3082 or 888/234-0004
In Makati, The Republic of The Philippines, Antonio E. Feliciano, Jr. M.D. offers a prostatitis clinic. He has asked to have his new website brought to your attention.

Ivan Aguilar Enriquez MD, Urologist in Mexico using BOTOX for the treatment of prostatitis, with great results in his patients. He offers his services in Mexico for those seeking prostatitis treatment, since the FDA has not yet approved the treatment's use. Dr. Aguilar is the only urologist in Mexico currently using the BOTOX method for Prostatitis, Overactive Bladder and Neurogenic Bladder, method learned at The UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles California.

Ivan Aguilar Enriquez MD
Centro de Urologia Avanzada
Certified by the Mexican Council of Urologist
Cell Phone: 66 77 86 79 99 and 66 74 737297
Office: 6677587914 and 6677587915
Home: 6679921912  international code: 052 (before the number)

Office Address: Torre de Consultorios Hospital Angeles de Culiacan, Blvd
vialidad central 2193, piso 3 consultorio 303 desarrollo uRBANO Tres Rios Culiacan
Sinaloa Mexico

Hospital site:



Dr. Frederico Guercini, a Urologist in Rome, Italy, has a web page describing his approach to prostatitis and his clinic. The site is available in both English and Italian and features many useful graphics and even a movie file of "exploding" prostate stones by direct injection.

(Note: Dr. Tarfusser may no longer be seeing prostatitis patients) Dr. Ivo Tarfusser, an Italian physician who has been developing stronger science-based methods of treating prostatitis, has a WWW page full of information about his research and clinical work. His up to date observations about prostatitis will be appearing at

Androgen Research Group's own statement on this server
Androgen Research Group's own site on free server in Poland
Androgen Research Group, in Odessa, Ukraine, offers treatment for prostatitis. Unedited self-description: "Dr. Vasily Bairaktar, Doctor of Medical Science at Odessa University, leads the scientific and clinical direction of the Androgen Research Group. Dr. Bairaktar with his colleagues use new, modern, and highly effective technologies to properly diagnose and treat patients suffering chronic inflammation of the prostate, seminal vesicles, and urine bladder. Over the last ten years Androgen Research Group has pioneered a new conceptual approach in treating the chronic prostatitis syndrome that does not involve the use of antibiotics at all. The group consists of the top specialists of the major medical schools of the city of Odessa, Ukraine. The following specialties are represented in the Group: Immunologists, microbiologists, virologists, mycologists, experts in ultrasonic diagnostics, experts in clinical and biochemical laboratory diagnostics, urologists, and endocrinologists. The powerful combination of such medical specialties helps provide an integrated and logical approach to treating this disease."
Dr. Pavels Ivdra , at the Department of Urology at City Clinical Hospital No.7, in Riga, LATVIA, has a website describing his expertise in the treatment of prostatitis. "Diagnostics and treatment of prostatitis is a multidisciplinary problem that cannot be included into area of urology knowledge only," Dr. Ivdra writes. "We have 94 publications about prostatitis differential for diagnostics and treatment problems, including 34 inventions and copyright certificates on discoveries. We have worked out an alternative competeable antibiotic resistant enzyme therapy of chlamydial prostatitis with streptase, urokinase, tissue plasminogen activator (t-PA) while 20 years of work for Riga City Clinical Hospital No.7.".

At the Sanos Clinic in Moscow, the Russian Federation, they explain that "As the main reason of development of severe prostatitis are small microabscesses (closed foci of pyoinflammation 1-2 mm in size), they should be removed. The original method of SANOS consists in solving this surgical problem without operation." They state that "finger massage" can accomplish drainage, but frequently abcesses are plugged, so "Negative effects of finger massage can be corrected with our technique of prostatic drain using an original rectal pneumovibromassager." is the Russian-language site.

Dr. Yang
Doctor Lihua Yang devotes himself to cure the prostatitis and BPH for more than 20 years, the clinic is located in shenzhen of guangdong province, China. the website is He have invented 7 kinds of series chinese drugs, 4 kinds are taken by oral and 3 kinds are used for external. He has cured 30 ten thousands patients for 20 years, and the total effective rate is 97%, the cure root rate is 93%. He has cured the prostate diseases of nomarch in helongjiang province. The characters of remedy are the pure nature medicines do not give any harmful to men body and improve the sexual function after stop taking drugs; the drugs are taken directly, don't need decoction; patients don't come to the clinic can know his diseases statement and prescribe by doctor through email and mail the drugs to patients. Patients cure diseases in his home conveniently.
Other pointers relating to prostatitis, other prostate problems including prostate cancer or health care in general can be found at our pointers page.

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