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The CPCRN is studying all aspects of chronic prostatitis with the hope of improving diagnosis and treatment. Six clinical centers are caring for patients in the CPCRN. A Data Coordinating Center (DCC) is managing study activities and collecting and analyzing information gathered from patients.
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The National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (NIDDK) of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) is funding the study.
Who is Eligible
Doctors seek men who have had pelvic discomfort and/or pain for at least three months. Men who are eligible for the Chronic Prostatitis Cohort (CPC) Study will be asked to participate in lab studies and complete questionnaires. There are some conditions, such as prostate cancer and prostate surgery, which may exclude you from the study.
What is Involved?
The study requires:
  • Blood specimen
  • EPS & urine specimen(s)
  • History and physical exam(s)
  • Semen specimen
  • Symptom Questionnaires
  • Urethral swab
  • Uroflow study
  • Voiding log
Each procedure and piece of information provides a stepping stone in the path to understanding chronic prostatitis.
Information about individual patients is held in strict confidence.
Men answer questions about symptoms every three months for three years. This includes two doctor visits per year and two phone contacts. Patients have contact with doctors and research nurses during regular office visits and through phone calls and mailings.
Costs associated with doctor visits and tests will be discussed with your health care provider.
CPCRN Study Phases
The CPC Study involves two phases. Phase I is an intensive period of data collection, followed by experimental treatments in Phase II.
The established research steps will enable the CPCRN to study the natural history of chronic prostatitis while testing diagnostic tools and potential therapies.

Participating Physicians and Centers

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Lead PhysicianContact:

Michael P. O'leary, M.D., M.P.H.
Harvard University School of Medicine
Brigham and Women's Hospital
Massachusets General Hospital
Boston, MA
Jean-Francois Caubet, MD, Research Fellow
Brigham & Women's Hospital
ASB II - 3, Urology
45 Francis Street
Boston, MA 02115
United States
(617) 372-7124 - Phone
(617) 566-3475 - Fax

Michel A. Pontari, M.D.
Temple University
Philadelphia, PA
Linda Kish
Research Coordinator
Temple University Hospital
Suite 350
Parkinson Pavilion
Broad & Ontario Streets
Philadelphia, PA 19140
United States
(215) 707-3783 - Phone

Richard Alexander, M.D.
University of Maryland
Medical System
Baltimore, MD
E. Bronwyn Byron
Research Coordinator
The Maryland Prostate Center
419 West Redwood Street
Suite 320
Baltimore, Maryland 21201
United States
410-328-5108 - Phone
410-328-2148 - Fax

Anthony J. Schaeffer, M.D.
Northwestern Memorial Hospital
Chicago, IL
Mary Buntin RN, MPH.
Research Coordinator
Northwestern University
680 N. Lake Shore Drive
NCCR Suite 1220
Chicago, IL 60611
312-908-7022 - Phone
(312) 503-2305 - Fax

Scott Zeitlin, MD
UCLA School of Medicine
Los Angeles, CA
Yining Xie
Research Coordinator
Harbor - UCLA Medical Center
1000 West Carson Street, Box #5
Torrance, CA 90509
United States
(310) 222-3819 - Phone
(310) 222-1914 - Fax

J. Curtis Nickel, M.D.
Kingston General Hospital
Kingston, Ontario, Canada
Joe Downey, B.Sc., M.Sc .
Research Coordinator
Department of Urology
Botterell Hall 849
Queen's University
Kingston, Ontario
K7L 3N6
(613) 545-2894 - Phone
(613) 545-6927 - Fax

For More Information:
Contact the medical center or:
Lori A. Kishel, M.S.
CPCRN Project Manager
University of Pennsylvania
FAX (215) 573-6262


The mission of the Prostatitis Foundation is to educate the public about the prevalence of prostatitis
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