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Prostate heat therapy device

A Swiss firm with offices in Miami is marketing a device called the Delwa-Star-P which is intended for self-therapy of the prostate gland. This device was first reported to the webmaster by Dr. Brad Hennenfent, M.D. , who is medical director of the Prostatitis Foundation. (Dr. Hennenfent's mention does not constitute an endorsement.)
You can find out more about this device from the website of the manufacturer, Zewa Incorporated .
This device has not yet received FDA approval as of October 29, 1997. Use at your own risk. We don't know if it will help or not. But we don't hold any information back from prostatitis patients , who have the right and the intelligence to make their own decisions.
If you want to submit any first-hand accounts of the use of this device to the webmaster for including on this page, click on the word.

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