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Washington DC, Nov. 5-6, 1998
International Prostatitis Collaborative Network

Workshop on Chronic Prostatitis Treatment Strategies

How articles were prepared

The reports on the meeting may seem a bit sketchy at first. This is because they represent expanded meeting notes. Your webmaster attended the meeting and took notes using a laptop computer. After returning home, he spent time editing the notes into somewhat-readable website articles.
The resulting articles have strengths and weaknesses that come from the method used. It would probably be better to spend a long time going over the notes and writing carefully-crafted articles on different subtopics. But that might take a couple of weeks, and I wanted the information to be available now.
Articles are roughly divided into subtopics, but there is cross-topic material in each article. Long gaps in note-taking when the note-taker was talking with a meeting attendee or editing previous text may result in key omissions. Meeting participants who have E-mail have been contacted and asked to 'revise and extend,' or, if necessary, correct their quotations. However, if they aren't frequent e-mail users or are too busy, this may not have resulted in corrections to articles by the time you read them.
However, there is useful information that can be gleaned from reading these notes. One can only hope that in future there will be so much clear scientific information coming out that this website can be pared down a bit and only present scientific "facts," instead of so much opinion. That's the goal, anyway.
Note that copy in the articles surrounded by brakets [] denotes editorial comment by your webmaster.
Webmaster Ken Smith

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