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Chemical Cause of Prostatitis

"At age 31, shortly after the birth of our first baby (a very stressful time) I developed Prostatitis symptoms. It began with a faint urinary urgency, and slight urge incontinence (dribbling/leakage). A few months later, my symptoms became severe:

- frequent & intense urinary urgency
- no relief after urination,  dribbling of urine (urge incontinence)
- hesitancy starting stream, decreased stream strength & volume
- intense pain in the perineum & extreme discomfort sitting

The symptoms were fairly constant, but also seemed to fluctuate somewhat, particularly in correlation to stress. Initially, I thought it was just a stress related problem.

I saw my family doctor several times, and then was referred to a urologist. All tests show no problems, and there was no enlargement of my prostate. My doctors didn't know what was causing it, and could only offer me some general advice on certain foods to avoid etc.

I read everything I could on the topic--including this web site--but couldn't find a solution. I read Dr. Wise's book, and even used a special seat cushion that avoided pressure on the perineum--which definitely helped. But nothing gave a lasting cure, and I suffered for about 1 1/2 years.

Then one day, in desperation, and after reading another health booklet, I made 3 small simultaneous changes.... and my major Prostatitis symptoms vanished within 2-3 days!

It took me some time to isolate which of the 3 changes was responsible, but in the end, the change that mattered was switching the brand of toothpaste I used.  I simply switched from a brand that contained Triclosan--which I had used for about  5-6 years--to one without  (natural toothpaste).

At first, I was in disbelief. But I became suspicious after brushing my teeth with the Triclosan containing toothpaste just once, caused my problems to return suddenly (within 1 hour) after being mostly symptom free for several months.  A second time, many months after that incident and being generally symptom free again, I reproduced my problems the same way (one brushing), and this time the symptoms returned again (within 10-15 minutes) along with fatigue and mental fog. 

As before, the symptoms dissipated as long as Triclosan was avoided: major symptoms resolve in 2-7 days, minor residual symptoms fading slowly over weeks and months with some occasional recurrence with stress etc.  (at time of writing, I'm still in the recovery from the second recurrence)

Please note that Toothpaste might not be the only factor, but also other personal care products containing Triclosan.  Using anti-bacterial hand soaps and deodorants with Triclosan possibly caused some recurrence--though less pronounced. I believe even some latex may contain Triclosan e.g. condoms, surgical gloves etc. as well as many other consumer products.

Avoiding Triclosan cured my Prostatitis symptoms and restored my quality of life.   I hope this information can help others with similar problems.


Notes for Doctors and Researchers:

1. I notice there are several doctors reporting Prostatitis problems on this web site. I can't help but pointing out that doctors would have a higher than average exposure to Triclosan due to it's prevalence in the medical environment e.g. surgical soaps, surgical gloves etc.

2. This chemical seems to be having an effect on the central nervous system, either directly or indirectly. Triclosan has been associated with effects on nerves (J Clin Periodontol. 1995 Jun;22(6):488-93. ). Also, new research has shown that Triclosan can react with chlorine in tap water to produce chloroform (Environ Sci Technol. 2005 May 1:39(9):3176-85)  which is known to damage the central nervous system.  Central nervous system disorders & nerve problems are of course associated with bladder dysfunction. Has anyone else joined these dots?

3. Using Triclosan containing toothpaste for many years didn't cause a problem, but only after a certain length of time (5-6 years). Could there be some bioaccumulation going on, or cumulative nerve damage? I've read that Triclosan is accumulates in fat (lipophlic).

4. The correlation to stress in my symptoms makes it easy to see how physicians are diagnosing these symptoms as an anxiety disorder. However, my experience tells me this is not the root of the problem, it only amplifies the underlying issue. Perhaps new research needs to look more closely at toxicology & the central nervous system for the underlying cause. Maybe there are multiple chemicals or drugs that could produce the same damaging effects through different mechanisms?

5. Stress is related to blood pressure, which in turn affects the Kidney's ability to filter toxins from the blood. Perhaps this is the reason why chemical induced Prostatitis like mine initially flares up with stress? i.e. the bodies ability to rid itself from toxins is reduced allowing a greater than average concentration of toxins which then affect the central nervous system causing Prostatitis symptoms"



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