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I am 35 and have been a sufferer for 10 months now. I am pretty sure I developed an infection that resulted in urgency and a pain at the tip of my penis. This subsided slowly after a barrage of Lavaquinn, Cipro, etc. A new symptom replaced it which was pain in the perenium and achy testicles.

I too started the tour de urologists with minimal impact. Relief came occasionally but I could not really figure out what allowed it. I jokingly purchased a doughnut pillow and stuffed it in a pillow bandit seemed to ease the pain. I also noticed that after a long weekend pain was reduced as well. A last thing to note is that suggestions were made by a poster on here regarding massage which took me a while to attempt. I will get back to that.

I noticed that sometimes ejaculation increased pain and sometime it relived it. I experimented with this trying to figure out what caused the pain and what did not and came to some conclusions that may help. If I had to try and work up to orgasm by straining know what I mean it tended to result in pain. If it was an orgasm that required no strain and just...came it tended to relieve. It got me to think that the posts regarding massage and whatnot may be helpful.

The post mentioned internal and external massage and I halfheartedly attempted both. I experimented with masturbation when doing the massage to see if it did and seemed to experience relief as a result. The post mentioned a device called aneros I believe which massages the prostate. I have not got there yet. I variated massage,ejaculation and began taking some supplements include Prostate,lycopene, nettle, probiotics and selenium. I managed to get more frequent relief.

A post mentioned Dr. Shoskes and I travel all over visiting Urologists with more disappointment then I care to mention but figured he was worth a shot. Check out his site. You can google Shoskes and it took me right to his personal site. He is in Cleveland at the Cleveland Clinic. Important in noting because I attempted visiting the one in Florida. Dr. Shoskes and the clinic in general was pretty impressive. It wasn't the typical pee in this cup, drop your drawers and this may hurt a little. The visit took me to an initial evaluation that included a stream test (a first), an ultra sound (a second) and a survey of sorts. The 2nd evaluation was with another associate that completed a survey online and did a pretty extensive interview. Shoskes followed and sat and talked for awhile which was nice. The power of listening in medical world can do wonders in itself. Sick of being rushed with no results. Shoskes probably spent 20 minutes consulting.. The exam was a bit painful. He did push fluid from the prostate which hurts guys. And I guess I was short on fluid because it took him several painful tries. He also pressed around on various trigger points that sent some interesting shocks down my legs. He presumably tested the fluids and then scheduled me to see a Physical Therapist. (Another First) He explained that I appeared to have socialization in the prostate but probably impart due to the muscles surrounding it. He explained something about spasms and muscles clinching. I wont do this justice by trying to recall his explanation but mine is this.

The infection that caused the urgency caused me to clinch my muscles to avoid peeing on myself. Since this took months to beat the infection I clinched these muscles for months. The combined stress of it all I think made it worse. I think the clinching caused pain in both perenium and testicles. The reflection of this pain caused a number of issues including swelling in the testicles, an almost bruised feeling in the inner thigh and some sensations after peeing and ejaculation. These muscles were stuck and wreaking havoc on my body and life.

Back to the Cleveland Clinic version. I managed an appointment with a Physical Therapist that same day and I had no idea what to expect. She had me strip down and put on the gown. The fact that she was a she gave me the false impression that this was going to be stretches and external massage which proved to be wrong.

She was very inquisitive and asked a ton of questions. She asked about my diet and pain levels and showed me some stretches that I do to this day. Nothing fancy and only takes a couple of minutes. She then began the massage which involved me having to hold my tools to allow her access to that perenium inner thigh area. This was bordering on pleasurable until the crease in my inner thighs began to be massaged. I did not realize how painful it was. Painful to the touch even. This pain seemed to be capable of radiating the pain all over that area and made some sense that this may be muscular. She massaged my inner thighs and lower belly. The soreness surrounded the perenium and especially that crease on my left thigh. She then informed me that she needed to now massage me internally. My worst nightmare.

Unlike the Dr. she avoided the prostate. She lightly massaged me internally for 15 minutes or more. There were some seriously painful areas in there which she explained to be muscle tension. She indicated that it is probably stress and supported my hair brained idea about the muscles being stuck after clinching for months. She finished and gave me some material on exercise and massage. She also recommend crystal wand to use on myself internally which I have not gotten to yet. She was very professional about it all and almost human on Dr. standards. I left with very little embarrassment and not really feeling any better and probably worse. I drove 4 hours to visit my folks and went to bed. The next day I felt almost good.

The following days I would rate much better then the days leading up to the visit. I did the stretches and did external massage only. Seemed to reduce the pain 75% or more and figured out sitting aggravated. I have gone back a 2nd time after two weeks. This time Shoskes really did nothing but ask a couple questions and recommended Quercitin. He confirmed no infections from the tests he did the previous visit. I repeated the visit to Physical Therapy with improved results. I am going to order this wand because the pain relief from the Therapy was that significant. She said once I get it she will show me how to use it. So if I can get past the embarrassment I am going to go to this appointment.

It has been 2 1/2 weeks since my first visit and I am not cured. I think it is strictly muscular now and believe I will be cured. I think the supplements may have helped reduce inflammation which caused temporary pain relief. I know sitting at this point is a huge trigger of pain. A pillow helps. Strong ejaculation still aggravates pain. I think Shoskes and the PT are dead on in their treatments and will cure many of you. I recommend making the trip to Shoskes because I know the frustration you may have. If nothing else try a self inflicted deep tissue massage of the area where you sit. If you have bruising type pain then you may have this pelvic floor muscle issue.. Try the massage internally as well. If you get relief then go see Shoskes. I will update post in I reach 100% At this point I think I have done a 360 from where I was 3 weeks ago.



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