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Levofloxacine (Levaquin)

I am a general practitioner in Cantu', Italy. I am 53 yrs old and I suffered from chronic prostatitis for 3 years, from 46 to 49 yrs old. I tried several treatments for it: - Antibiotics (Bacampicilline, Tetracycline, claritromicine, ciprofloxacine, ofloxacine) for 4 weeks at most. Antibiotic treatments was often performed after colture of prostatic secretion obtained by prostatic massage. Several bacteria was found but E. choli and enterococcus more frequently. Antinflammatory drugs like rofecoxib and celecoxib. Alternative medicine like agopuncture, flavonoid (diosmine,quercetine, palmetto,bilberries and broccoli juices) increase of physical activities and more hydratation. All those treatments brought me only moderate and temporary relief of the pain. At last , when I heard that levofloxacine (levaquin) enhanced tissutal spreading, I wanted to try whith it. I took the drug for the utmost period I had known for ciprofloxacine (cipro): 6 weeks. The dosage was 500 mg by oral way every 24 hours at night before to go to bed. Every 2 weeks I checked blood cells and creatinine, transaminase (ast, alt), gammagt and bilirubine blood levels. I had no side effects and after 4 weeks of treatment I got better (like as with cipro). I kept on for other 2 weeks and I was cured. One year later the prostatic symptoms came back, I repeated the treatment with levofloxacine this time for 3 weeks and I was cured again. Since then I have had no prostatic pain.

Attention: This is only my personal experience. Don't try the treatment by yourself but tell your physicians about it before!

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