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I am a 30 Y/o male that hasn't been to the doctor since I was a teenager.
No medical problems.

Then after having oral/vaginal sex w/o a condom with a new partner 5 days
later I felt a tingling inside my penis. I didnt think too much about it
but by the next morning I knew something wasnt right and went to a corner
doctor. He found puss in my urine and said I might have a STI and gave me 2
grams of zithromax. WIthin a day I was feeling 50% better but after a few
days the pain during urination was back and it felt like I had a golfball in
my butt. I then went to the local STD testing clinic and they were at a loss
but did give me a 250mg shot of rocephin and a 10 day supply of Doxy
100mg/twice a day. 4 days had passed and I still had the same symptoms and so I went back to the original doc who took another urine test and said I had
blood in my urine and gave me a 15 day supply of amoxicillin on top of what I
was taking. 2 days later I felt the same but by the end of that 2nd day I
was 100% feeling better. I kept taking the drugs and wasn't worried about
whatever that pain was because it was gone. I was cured! Then I ran out of
the Doxy and was still taking the amoxicillin. Within two days of running
out of the doxy the pain in my butt was coming back. I called the doctor and
he gave a a month supply of doxy and amoxicillin. Over that month time the
feeling inside my butt did not go away. Pain inside my penis. Pain after
ejaculation, the whole works. I then went to a urologist who said the problem
was probably in my head, but he did give me an AIDS test along with HSV1/2
and Syphilis test. All negative. So I went to another urologist who told
me to stop taking the other antibiotics and gave me a 6 week course of cipro
and told me what I already knew. A prostate infection or CPP. The cipro
also didn't do anything for me over the next six weeks. Everyday was horrible.
I was spending 1-2 hours a day soaking in the hot baths and reading a book
a headache in the pelvis. I even tried to use a finger like sex toy to
stimulate my prostate. That only made things feel worse.
Sometimes the dull fullness in my rectum and perineum would be horrible,
and other times it wouldn't be so bad. But everyday for months it was there.
I tried just about everything I could think of that would help me, and I
found something that worked.

Broccoli treatment. Within days I was feeling 50% better. A few weeks of
it and I felt 80% better. Just feeling better probably made me take my mind
off of it so it could heal. Within 3 weeks of broccoli I stopped the hot
baths and haven't taken one since. A weird feeling because I was looking
forward to a bath everyday, like a form of relief knowing while I was soaking
that I wouldn't hurt. I also drink liquid chlorophyll 2-4 Tablespoons a day.
While doing the broccoli treatment I also bought a juicer and started
juicing vegetables for breakfast and dinner, about a cup or two each serving.
Yea, it was gross, but sure did beat a golf ball in my butt. I did this on
top of my normal meals.

I also take Bromelain (find at health food store). I took this after the
brocolli treatment and I dont know if it is doing anything but I dont care
either. Its cheap.

The broccoli treatment only got me 80% treated. Also, I was not taking any
antibiotics for about a month before starting broccoli.
And lastly, swimming 4-5 days a week. I haven't swam since high school.
But once I get in the water the prostate pain disappeared, and getting out of
the pool it would slowly come back. In about a month I forgot about my
prostate and am 95% better.

I remember reading stories about people getting better but still having
prostate pressure and it would scare me so much. I cant live with prostate
pain. I'd Google it, read about it, dwell on it. And frankly, when you have
a pain in your butt you really cant take your mind off of it. I was really
scared it would be the end of me. I contemplated suicide more than once.
Not that I was even close to doing it, but it was an option in my mind if I
didn't get better.

If I live with 5% prostate pressure for the rest of my life I'd be fine
with it. It'd be like living with a bum knee, just knowing that I cant jump
really hard on it is all but life goes on.

What worked for me. Broccoli treatment, liquid chlorophyll, swimming,
reading a headache in the pelvis,l and eventually hitting the gym and working
out hard on my legs and butt. It was a snowball effect. Once I started to
feel better I believed that I was getting better.

My advice to you. keep your chin up. Its not a lifetime illness. You hurt
right now but there will be a time when it goes away. If the doctors don't
know it just means that THEY don't know. Doesn't mean that you are without
hope. Try my regimen. Its not like I invented it, I just did what others
here have done. And quite seriously, I didn't think it was going to work.

Hey, give it a try. I didn't think it would work either. And know what, if
it doesn't work there are still more options. Prostate drainage, Stanford
protocol, etc.

But this is what worked for me.


After 40 years....

Hi folks
Reading your posts moved me to offer a suggestion which I believe will help improve things for you. I speak from much experience and some scientific qualification. Diet is surely a factor. Besides avoiding certain things, we should add some things to our daily intake. Two natural things which I am nearly certain have recently helped me are zinc and broccoli stew.
These "remedies" have been mentioned and discussed by many on this forum, including URO DRs, and the consensus is, I think, that they help bolster the immune system and/or act like antibiotics to combat infection.
In my case, I have suffered from this chronic disease intermittently for 40 years while under conventional medical treatment protocols with little no long lasting or permanent curative effect. This means that I have taken or received all manner of antibiotics, antiseptics, analgesics, massages, cystoscopic exams, etc., over many years and found temporary relief of symptoms via some of these protocols. However, acute prostatitis episodes lasting up to six months always recurred after each period of remission, which remissions ranged from a few months up to two years. My experience leads me to suspect that those certain "bugs" which cause prostatitis never really all leave the prostate, but cause periodic flareups when the immune system weakens for whatever reasons. Stress, toxins, bad diet, etc.,
Apparently, in my case more recently, zinc and broccoli "strengthen" my immune system - so that, so far, I am winning my battles with these bastardly little bugs. The war may take longer.
Anyway, Here's My protocol:
After first taking the initial broccoli treatment, with your Doctor's approval of course, (as per protocol prescribed by others on this forum) and being temporarily "cured"; Avoid sex with anyone else, or, if you can't do that, at the first sign of CP symptoms recurring, drink broccoli juice (one 8 oz. cup in a.m., one cup at p.m. for two or three days or as needed) to supress the occasional bug uprisings. Take one 50 mg zinc tablet a day, everyday, always, forever!


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