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Aaron's Story

I had a very bad case of prostatitis which I was finally able to cure in 1996.
Initially I had excrutiating pain from the prostate as if it was on fire and knives were being stuck in it. There was terrible testicular pain and aching, slow stream dribbling and split stream urinary problems, low grade fevers, a testicular rash, pain running down my legs, arthritic pain in the knees, back pain, and feelings of no energy.
As unbelievable as it sounds I was not able to get a single American doctor I consulted to perform the proper lab tests or do any testing or show any interest at all in helping me. I was told repeatedly "It was all in my head" and was given an antibiotic without even knowing what I had or even if what I had was even sensitive to it. Most of the American doctors based their conclusions on the urinalysis or the obsolete stamey-mears test which was always negative for pathogens without knowing or it seemed like wanting to know or even cared the pathogens were hiding deep in the prostate and does not shed into the urine. I was finally able to find a doctor who would perform the proper tests but had to travel halfway around the world for it.
When I consulted with Dr. Feliciano Jr. I was finally able to get basic lab tests like culturing of prostatic fluid and sensitivity testing along with having performed the most basic principle of medicine of draining an infected area which as unbelievable as it sounds I couldn't find a single American doctor would do or even show any interest in doing.
Without prostatic drainage done everyday or every other day the ducts in the prostate will remain blocked and antibiotics will never be able to penetrate and kill the pathogen. In fact by taking antibiotics, even if it happens to be the correct antibiotic, without regular prostatic drainages you are doing more harm to yourself than not taking antibiotics at all since the pathogen will eventually become resistant and later on if you should receive the proper treatment your prostatitis will now be very difficult to treat. In addition there could be tissue damage from the pathogens becoming resistant and remaining there so long so that once the pathogens are removed with the proper treatment the pain could possibly remain.
After all these years I remain cured of this so called incurable disease called prostatitis. I was led to believe by the American doctors that I had an incurable condition but all it took to get cured was just plain old common sense of draining an infected area along with culturing and sensitivity testing and taking the correct antibiotic(s).


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