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Art's Story

I am a 46 year old male. I've been having prostate challenges for about ten years. Mostly frequency of urination at night and some dribbling after urination. For the last two years my symptoms increased to having a discharge during bowel movement with some burning afterwards in the urethra. I did nothing for these symptoms all those years except to take some herbal remedies and zinc that seemed to help.
After a sexual encounter in July 2000... I contracted Chlamydia. I was treated with antibiotics and cleared seven days later. However, I continued to have itching and burning at the tip of my penis and inside the urethra about 1.5 inches. Plus, my erections became about 50% and I had difficult time getting aroused. In fact, I could not achieve ejaculation no matter how hard I tried. The urologist and doctors I consulted offered no help except to tell me that I tested negative for any of the sexually transmitted diseases.
By late July I discovered this site and began hundreds of hours of investigating. I decided to make a trip to the Philippines to see Dr. Antonio N. Feliciano, M.D. of the Prostate Treatment Center. I stayed there an entire month and was eventually cleared of all infections. My erections returned and ejaculations became easy. Also, I no longer experienced the dribbling after urination. However, the burning and itching at the tip of my penis and inside the urethra about 1.5 inches continued to persist no matter what I did. Also, frequency of urination at night continued.
I figured I would have to live with the burning and itching although it was extremely irritating and frustrating to deal with constantly. One night out of this frustration I came back to this site and spent hours and hours reading again. After discovering the broccoli protocol suggested by many members reporting here and in the archives... I knew I could not eat broccoli very often because I tire of its taste very quickly. But, I know that one of the main ingredients of broccoli is CHLOROPHYLL.
Therefore, I went to a health food store and found that there is a LIQUID CHLOROPHYLL product. Within a few minutes of taking LIQUID CHLOROPHYLL there was immediate relief from the burning and itching at the tip of my penis!!! Within an hour the burning and itching was completely gone for the first time in over two months. I noticed that the LIQUID CHLOROPHYLL works for about 15 hours and then I begin to itch slightly at the tip. So, I take the LIQUID CHLOROPHYLL about every 12 hours and my symptoms stay completely under control. I still have frequency at night which I am working on a solution to that problem as I write this and will inform you as soon as I have any results to report.
I do take various supplements and herbs which have helped maintain my erections and increase my ejaculations. I've been taking some Solaray products... Vitamin C with Quercitin and Bromelain, ViraMax, Indole-3-Carbinol, and a red clover leaf extract called Trinovin. I discontinued taking Saw Palmetto after reading some of the latest information about this herb and the fact that it can increase estrogen... which can be a cause of Prostatitis. Some of the latest research on hormones and andropause in men is very exciting. Most of my new protocols will be focused around controlling or enhancing my hormones.
I have a tremendous challenge controlling my diet excluding acid forming foods, keeping sugar to a minimum to control yeast(fungus), etc., and I am just thankful I found something that would take away the burning and itching... LIQUID CHLOROPHYLL!!!


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