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Charlie's Protocol

I agreed to report my condition and its improvement, or lack thereof, over the last year and a half. I am happy to report my condition is now 99.999% cured. Very rarely I get a slight reminder of a symptom. I must say that this improvement has not been the result of any treatment I have received by a doctor nor has a diagnosis, cultures, or anything that I believe should have been done resulted in my getting better. Being saturated with antibiotics did not cure me either and I was on Trovan, Doxy, and others for many months. TOO MANY MONTHS!!
I can only report what has helped me. It could be coincidence and I do not wish to debate whether it is coincidence or not. I advised the group months ago that I was improving and likened my improvement at that time to levels of wellness. It didnt happen overnight. I found that stopping antibiotics made an initial improvement in itself. Why, I dont know. I do know it stopped my urgency and frequency within about a week after stopping them.
I then began taking two GNC products. I have taken them religiously 2 times per day. I took GNC vitamin C with Quercetin, as well as ultra saw palmetto. I take them both twice perday..morning and evening usually with meals. I can only tell you that over the last 1.5 yrs I have improved slowly, but steadily, and my symptoms are now nil. I rarely check into the group anymore because it isnt an issue in my life now.
My own belief is, and always will be, that all of us on this board should not be classified under one disease. I highly doubt we all suffer the same ailment. I went through many tests and much misery just as all of you have and if I sound bitter perhaps I am. I think it is a disgrace the lack of proper treatment, diagnosis including poor culturing techniques, and that the majority of urologists immediately classify people as having prostatitis even before an exam in many cases. Such was the case with me. I can only hope the study now going on by NIH will open some eyes and some doors to treatment.
I had bad urinary symptoms and I believe I had a bad urinary infection that went to the prostate in my case. I finally was diagnosed with a bacteria, but antibiotics did not seem to help it and I ended up feeling worse when I was on them. Of course it took 4 different urologists and over a year before one finally found I had an infection. The others said I had non bacterial prostatitis and gave me antibiotics empirically anyway.
I think keeping high amounts of vitamin C in the urine helps alleviate the infection over time. I don't know if quercetin helps or not. At one point I took the brand Dr Shoskes was using for a month but didn't notice any additional improvement over the GNC product I was taking so I continued with the GNC product. I don't even know if the GNC vitamin C/quercetin product contains a strong or decent amount of Quercetin. I Don't know if the ultra saw palmetto is good either. I only know after 1 and a half years after getting this rotten thing I believe I am cured or as close to cured as possible. I wish you all the best and hope if any of you try these you let me know if it works for you as well. Again, my progress was slow but there was progress. For a few months it was very slow, but initially I noticed it within two weeks. Best of luck to all, and special thanks to Dr. Shoskes, Casey, and Feliciano for your support and responses over the last year.


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