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Phillipe's Testimonial

I haven't checked in to this forum in quite some time and I wanted to report on the progress of my prostatitis (prostadynia?). Sorry about the post being long...but my only intention is to help others and share my experience.
About 10 months ago (I was 29...Im 30 now) I felt a painful sensation in my right testicle, particularly upon sexual arousal. This was after I had just begun a regular excersize regimen (lifting weights, etc.) I went to my regular doctor and he said I had acute epididymitis, it is quite common, and prescribed 2 weeks of Doxycyclene. I didn't take it very seriously and, after I finished the ABX I started to get alot worse, with the onset of classic prostatis symptoms- Severe Frequency, red and irritated genitalia, abdominal pain. I was referred to a Uro who did ultrasounds of my testicles, liver, and bladder, and said everything looked fine; I had a spermatocele (a fluid filled hard cyst at the top of my epididymus) and that the epididymitis had persisted, but this was not serious. he prescribed Cipro.
I began feeling a little bit better...not much. A month went by and my symptoms persisted. I read that Bactrim was particluarly effective against certain bacteria which can invade the urinary tract (as a footnote I mention my case was definately not of sexual origin). So I went back to the Uro and he prescribed a month of Bactrim. Same result...not much help. I started to get worried after 3 months of ABX, so I made an appointment with a specialist at Mass General hospital. This was the first uro to actually take a sample of my EPS and culture it. He found "non specific bacteria". He instructed me to throw away the ABX (the best advice Id had to that point). He said I had prostidynia and he had seen many cases and it would gradually subside over time.
Well..I have to say, that to a certain extent he was right (I know some of you will pooh-pooh and dispute this..thats fine). ...BUT this was only after I had done the following...and still continue to do to this day. I can't say exactly what or if all of these things helped but I will say to any all it cant hurt to try.
  1. Cut caffiene and allergy/sinus medication out of my diet.
  2. ate alot of Broccoli, stayed away from spices/fats.
  3. Kai Kit Wan
  4. QUERCETIN...this one was huge...I really noticed this helped alot with my inflammation.
  5. Zinc supplement
  6. Easy on the heavy weight training.
  7. Easy on the masturbation...I have a high libido and did this with quite frequency but learned to ease the way...the part about symptoms getting worse with masturbation but better with real sex I find to be very true!
  8. Nettle Leaf tea
  9. Pyridium from time to time for minor burning relief
  10. Regular hot baths
  11. Saw Palmetto
  12. Acupucture ...with herb teas
  13. Tight briefs during the day....boxers at night. I used to wear boxers only and think all that rattling around may have had an effect. and finally
  14. A POSITIVE ATTITUDE and hope that I would get better.
Continue to do things you enjoy and not fall into the trap that this thing is going to ruin my life. I know it is hard for those of you with very difficult and more severe/painful symptoms..but please just try. I find that alcohol does not affect me all that much...I drink whenever I feel like it basically. There was a period I cut it out thinking it was contributing but now I really dont think its a big factor...+ ...I had to enjoy something while dealing with this insidiousness.
I still have some frequency, I still have some mild pain in my testicles from time to time, and I still have a persistent pain in my lower right flank. I do suffer from decreased potency (this could be attributed a little bit to age also...turning 30 and all). I am concerned about fertility, I am still single and havent had kids yet. I get worse when I excersize (I play full court basketball and I notice the discomfort in my testicles afterward.....USE Tight Support when excersizing fellas...they didnt invent the jock strap for nothing!!!) However, I have learned to live with this and I can get my symptoms almost completely under control. Ive learned what I can and cant you can see ive tried just about everything!
So fellas...there is hope...particularly for those with mild symptoms similar to mine. The body takes time to heal...its taken me almost a year and still not 100%. I probably never will be. But I wanted to share this experience and hope it will provide at least some encouragement. Time will tell if it comes back or what will happen. Keep the faith and do your damndest to STAY POSITIVE. You have no other choice.


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