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Rudy's Story

My name is Rudy. I am a 36 year old, healthy male, who suffered from an acute case of prostatitis this past December of 2000. My Quality of Life went to zero! Here is my story which may help some of you.
One evening I woke up with a fever, chills, nausea and an urgency to urinate. While urinating I felt a strong involuntary urinary spasm which completely cut off my urine stream - very painful. I was then able to continue but my urine stream was very weak. As the days progressed I began to feel more symptoms of the infection progress: urinary frequency, urgency, burning penis sensation, and a weak stream. This led me to see a urologist.
The urologist recommended a cystoscopy, IVP and a kidney sonogram as initial diagnostics. The symptoms continued to get worse and the pain from the cystoscopy was leaving me in a state of deep depression. The cystoscopy showed a narrowing of the urethra in the prostate area. The doctor told me I had prostatitis and he noticed a congested prostate during the digital exam. At this point I began to take Levaquin (500mg/day), but after 2 months my symptoms were not getting any better. I continued to do daily research on this disease.
I read books, searched the internet for every site possible and read the bible with lots of prayer! I began to take the following supplements daily: saw palmetto, angelica root, cranberry, vitamins (A,D,E), oregon grape, L-Glutamine, and selenium.
In addition I was running 2 miles/day and I actually felt better after the exercise. I think exercise improves circulation and helps to reduce inflamation to the area. This seemed to be helping a bit but my conditions persisted.
Not knowing what to do next I decided to see another urologist for a second opinion. He checked me out again: digital exam, urinalysis and a sonogram of the bladder to see if I was emptying my bladder completely. His diagnosis was that my prostate congestion was gone and he felt that the infection was also gone but had left muscle spasms in the prostate/bladder neck area which will cause similar symptoms to the prostatitis (i.e. urgency, pain, frequency). He suggested that I take a muscle relaxer called Hyoscyamine (.125mg) 3 X day. I decided to begin to take the medication and in addition was continuing to take the Levaquin. At this time I noticed my urine stream began to get very weak to the point where I had to discontinue the Hyoscyamine. It was a side effect of the drug but the doctor lowered my dose to twice per day. At this point my research continued daily.
One evening I was listening to a talk show about "Prostate Problems and the solution". The program was about a plant sterol which is derived from Saw Palmetto and is supposed to do wonders. Cures as soon as 2 days had been seen! I was very skeptical but continued to listen in desperation. I then went on the internet and researched this plant sterol called "Beta Sito Sterol". This is one of the ingredients in Saw Palmetto and is sold only by mail (as far as I know). The pills contain the same amount of Beta Sito Sterol as in 500 pills of Saw Palmetto! There has been lots of European clinical Studies on its effects on the prostate. The case studies were very positive.
So I ordered the pills and began to take them two weeks ago. I just want to tell everyone that my condition is almost all gone and I am sleeping through the entire night which I could not do before. The improvement came after taking two different substances (i.e. hyoscyamine and Beta Sito Sterol) so I don't know which one it was or if there is an interaction between the drugs or maybe it was my faith? What I do know is that I am extremely happy that my condition is getting cured after 3 1/2 months of agony. The key for me was to be persistent and always maintaining a positive attitude. This disease is not incurable, but one must be very pro active and find what works for you. Keep on mentally fighting it and you will overcome it.


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