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The Prostatitis Foundation Newsletter

In an effort to reach out better to the not-on-line population, The Prostatitis Foundation has prepared its first newsletter, The Prostatitis Champion. As an on-line supporter, you can obtain a copy NOW by downloading an Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) file of the newsletter. Be sure to respond, if you like what you read, by sending in the form from the newsletter with your check. (Click on the highlighted words "The Prostatitis Champion" to download your .pdf file of the newsletter. The file is 405K, so if you have a modem connection it will take a while to download)

Adobe acrobat files are "universal" in the sense that anybody can download an adobe acrobat "reader" appropriate for their operating system free from Adobe . Once you have installed the reader on your system, you can view and print any .pdf file. You can also configure Netscape and other browsers to automatically open .pdf files for you when you click on them. (Click on the highlighted word "Adobe" to go to Adobe's website, where you can find your Adobe reader.)

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