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About this page

Peyronie's disease is a deformation of the penis, often resulting in a sharp physical bend in the organ, frequently interfering with normal sexual function.
Providing Peyronie's information is NOT the primary function of this website , but since we get questions we provide what information we have.
The links are just the information we have stumbled upon, we've made no effort to be inclusive. The excerpts are just clips from newsgroup discussion to illustrate the range of things people talk about regarding peyronies. There has been no attempt to be inclusive here.

Peyronies links

There is now a "," which appears to be promoting a praticular drug treatment.
The Center for Male Reproductive Medicine in California has a good page on Peyronies.
The DejaNews website is a good way to find peyronie's posts. If you don't want to follow the link right now, when you are ready go to . Follow the instructions for searching there and enter the word "Peyronie's" and the word "Peyronies". Spelling matters when you do a search like this!
Tulane University currently has a study on the use of interferon intreating Peyronies disease
This website maintains an archive of almost all the newsgroup postings in Although this group is not focused on Peyronie's, it not infrequently contains postings about Peyronie's. The archives can be searched.

Newsgroup Excerpts

(E-mail received by webmaster Sept. 18, 1998 unedited)
Dear Sir
I am a specialist in plastic and general surgery, specializing in penile enlargement surgery. I have developed a penile traction device called Extender, as postoperative treatment, to avoid the build up of scar tissue, and possible contraction. The device has also been tested (preliminary) by Dr. Ruiz Romero on Peyromie's disease, who presented his results at the international Symposium on Genitourinary Reconstructive Surgery in Sitges, Spain, April 6-8 1998.
You can see his results on:
We think these promising indications could be of interest to the readers of your website, and ask you to consider passing on the news via whatever means you find suitable. We look forward to your response, and will of course assist you with any other information you may require.
Sincerely yours Jørn Ege Siana M.D.
Scandinavian Clinic of Plastic Surgery/DanaMedic
Toldbodgade 31DK-1253
Copenhagen K.Denmark
Phone: +45 33 91 07 24
Follow some of the links in the section above to find more newsgroup postings.
Subject: Re: Bent Dick......???
Date: Tue, 08 Jul 2022
> My dick has developed lumps within it which are painful to press, and it has developed a bend in it, my doctor says thats nothing to worry about, should I worry, should I get a new doctor, what is it???? any advice appreciated.
Peyronie's disease. My information is that it is best to allow it to run its course for a couple of years. It may spontaneously disappear. I understand that some doctors prescribe medications - effectiveness unknown to me. If it does not disappear, then you might consider surgery. The risks and effectiveness of surgery are unknown to me, also, but my impression is that if you can live with it, it may be best to do so. A determining factor could be whether or not intercourse is possible. ***The above are lay, not professional, opinions.***
John Garst

Here's another newsgroup posting:

I`m 18, and I think I may have peyronies disease. On 4 occassions, me and my girlfriend tried intercourse, and failed. Why? She said it was extremely painful. So remembering reading an article in a mens health publication: Sex, a mans guide, it talked a little about peyronies. So, I was interested and looked at my erect penis. I noticed that in fact, it was curved, to the left. So I thought, no big deal, I dont have pain during intercourse or any other sexual activity. But when the symptoms of peyronies mean "pain", do they mean it for men or women? I feel 0% pain during intercourse, but she feels a whole lot. I don`t know, maybe its because shes a virgin and just can get the feeling down yet. And she says, when it penetrates, it only goes halfway, and then it stops with extreme pain. Sorry to make this a big sexual question, but whos at fault here? I have no pain during erection/intercourse, no bumps on my penis, the erection is not soft anywhere, so ? I would appreciate it if sufferers from this disease would share stories, info, and maybe even pictures. And I`d rather you`d send them to me than post, I have school and alot of other things to do other than searching newsgroups. I`m sorry, but this is a very serious and tramautic thing I`m dealing with. I need help. Thanks for reading.
P.S. I`m getting an appointment with a urologist tommorow.


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