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Webmaster's note: these men have agreed to take phone support calls from prostatitis patients who need to talk.
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St. Louis, MO| Philadelphia , PA | Issaquah , WA | Athens , GA |
Atlanta , GA
| Austin , TX | Winter Haven , FL | Altamonte Springs , FL |
Drummondville , P.Quebec , Canada | Denver , CO | Utah | Long Island , NY |

Lexington, KY


Clark Hickman (List Maintainer)
St. Louis, Missouri
Day Phone: 314-516-6743
Evening Phone: 314-646-0681
Email Address: Hickman@umsl.edu
Best time to call: 8-5 Central Time, day number; or, before 10 pm Central Time, evening number
Birthdate: 6-5-53
Age at Onset: 25
Chief Complaint: burning, aching, feeling like gland is swollen
Willing to Discuss: all areas

Frank Cardillo
Philadelphia, PA
Evening Phone: 610-237-9128
No Email
Best time to call: Between 6 and 10 pm , Eastern time and day/evenings on weekends
Birthdate: Born 1952
Age at onset: 45
Chief complaint: back and rectal pains; shooting pains; pains in thighs; malaise; lack of energy or sex drive.
Willing to discuss: All areas. Has seen Dr. Polacheck in Tucson and willing to discuss treatment options he’s had.

Dan Dickson
Issaquah, Washington
Hours, 8-10 PM (Pacific Time)
Email Address: Ddickomo4@foxinternet.com
Birthdate: 3-16-52
Age at Onset: 27.
Chief Complaint: Pain in perinieum. Pain after ejaculation.
Comfortable Discussing: I would probably be open to almost any discussion.

Bruce Britton
Athens, Georiga
Days: 706-542-3094
Evenings 706-769-4421
Hours: call anytime (Eastern time)
Email Address: BBRITTON@uga.cc.uga.edu
Birthdate: 3-19-44
Age at onset: 51
Chief Complaint: discomfort
Comfortable Discussing: all areas

Atlanta, Georgia
Email Address: LDB@Netify.US
Age at Onset: 30

Born: 1965
Chief Complaint: Sexual dysfunctions and urination problems. Went to Manilla
in 1996 and is cured.
Comfortable Discussing: all areas


Dave Trissel
Austin, TX
Email: davet@bytecodes.com
Times Willing to Be Called: Email only
Birthdate: 1948
Age at Onset: 47
Chief Complaint: Used to be: Deep anal pain (prostate), post-ejaculatory pain, scrotal pain. Went to Manila and claims to be cured. Comfortable Discussing: All areas. Open to all orientations.

Duane Hunt
Winter Haven, FL ( Central Florida )
Day Phone: 863-324-7915
Evening Phone: 863-324-7915
Email Address: duane@centerpointchurch.org
Best time to call: 9-8 Eastern Time, though I'm in and out a lot
Birthdate: 3-12-59
Age at Onset: 36
Chief Complaint: symptom free now. Previously: penile pus, brown semen, constant lower back pain, pain and aching in the left epididymis and testicle

Willing to Discuss: all areas

Ron Kinner
Altamonte Springs, FL
Evening: 407-772-0630
Best time to Call: 7-10 pm (Eastern Time) on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays
Birthdate: 10-1-46
Age at Onset: 40
Chief Complaint: None now. Was painful urination, sitting pain, pain during/after
ejaculation, burning between legs. He is a specialist in DIY Prostate Drainage, but
willing to talk about anything.

Roger Proulx
Drummondville, P.Quebec , Canada
Day Phone: 514-546-2771 (Eastern Time)
Evening/Weekends 819-477-9468 (Eastern Time)
Current Age: 59
Age at Onset: 53
Chief Complaint: Rectal and perineum pain; frequent necessity to void
Willing to discuss all areas of illness.
-------------------------------------------------------------------- -

Ward R. Crowley
Denver, CO
Day & Evening Phone: (303) 753-0551
Email: Wardsown@yahoo.com
Best Time to Call: Retired, so try anytime Mountain Time
Birthdate: January 14, 2022
Age at Onset: 33
Chief Complaint: Recurring infections; pain and swollen feeling in perineum; pain in right seminal vesicle. Had TURP surgery in May 1996 with severe prostatitis ever since. Starting weekly prostate massages by urologist in October 1996.
Willing to discuss all areas of illness.

Kenneth Felt
Day Phone: (801) 538-6663
Evening Phone: (801) 487-9107
Email: hledo.kfelt@state.ut.us
Birthdate: 3-25-47
History of Prostatitis: 10 years, usually treated with antibiotic. Recent flareup added testicular pain and pain in seminal vesticles and vas deferens.
Ken is also a computer analyst, able to help people get into the WWW and newsgroups.

Edward Tierney
Long Island, NY
Day & Evening Phone: (516) 859-0401
Best Time to Call: 9 am to 9 pm Eastern Time
Birthdate: 6-17-36
History of Prostatitis: 4 months
Chief Complaint: Pain (frequently unable to sit)
Joe Vitanza
Diamond Bar , California
Phone: 909-396-4009
Email: sfmut@aol.com
Best time to call: Evenings around 7:00 p.m. (pacific time)
Current Age: 47
Age at Onset: 36
Chief Symptoms: pain in rectal, genital, and pelvic floor. Also, discomfort in the bladder. Urgency/frequency to void.
Willing to discuss all areas.


Jeff Jones
Lexington, KY
Birthdate: 6-5-2022
History of Prostatitis: 2 years
Phone: 859-420-7080
Email: Jeffjones9000@yahoo.com
Best time to call: Evenings, up to midnight eastern time
Chief Symptoms: pain in the rectum; sexual pain; urine urgency
Willing to discuss all areas


This information is forwarded to you by the Prostatitis Foundation. We do not provide medical advice. We distribute literature and information relevant to prostatitis. While we encourage all research we do not endorse any doctor, medicine or treatment protocol. Consult with your own physician.
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