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1999 Selected Abstracts from American Urological Association annual meeting

International Population-Based Study Of Urological Conditions:

The Urepik Study. II, Comparative Prostatitis Data.

Chris Robertson, Peter Boyle, Atanasio Nonis (Milan, Italy), Martin Keech (Greenford, UK), Richard Hobbs (Birmingham, UK), Richard Fourcade (Auxerre, France), Lambertus Kiemeney (Nijmegen, Netherlands), Chongwook Lee (Seoul, Korea), Maria Watson (RTP, USA), Michael J Barry (Boston, USA). (Presented by Dr Peter Boyle)
Introduction And Objectives: Certain questions regarding the epidemiology of common urological conditions including Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms (LUTS), and prostatitis remain unanswered. A population-based, multicentre study has been established in four countries, The Netherlands, France, United Kingdom and Korea, to study the epidemiology of these conditions.
Methods: This study is the first to employ culturally, and linguistically validated versions of standard questionnaires to address the distribution of symptoms and the impact on quality of life of LUTS, and prostatitis. A random selection mechanism, with the aim of providing representative samples of the population in each community (1,300 index men and their spouses), was used for recruitment.
Results: Although the prevalence of LUTS, as measured by the I_PSS increased steadily with age there did not appear to be any major variation with age in the prevalence of the prostatitis symptoms of painful urination or discomfort in the penis or perineum. 36% men aged 40-59 years and 38% aged 60+ years reported symptoms of prostatitis. 37% of men in the study experienced these symptoms during the past year and for 8% this represented a mild problem. For those men with a mild problem 16% consulted their doctor and 11% received some treatment.
Conclusions: Symptoms of prostatitis are relatively common in men. Unlike LUTs, prostatitis symptoms are not age related. A number of men visited their physician as a result of their symptoms and were given medication, this may represent a burden on the healthcare system.
Source of Funding: Unrestricted research grant from GlaxoWellcome and European Institute of Oncology (MJB)
Source: 1999 AUA Meeting

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