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Patients and doctors post their questions, opinions and comments to a number of discussion fora, including the wide-open Internet newsgroup, the Prostatitis Listserv, and the moderated list This page links you to recent postings of special interest...
Dr. Jordan Dimitrakov posts several telling notes on the treatment of prostatitis patients who may be infected with Chlamydia trachomatis and notes the emergence of multiple drug resistant Chlamydia.
University of Wisconsin-Madison researchers have reported on a new pathway in antibiotic development that may result in drugs effective against multiple-resisant bacteria, including several types that plague prostatitis patients.
The American Urology Association has posted the Abstracts from the 2000 AUA meeting
It may be that more people have genital herpes than know that they have it..
There may be cases of prostatic histoplasmosis causing people problems.
Dr. Shoskes is opening a major new prostatitis clinic in Florida, in association with the Cleveland Clinic Florida in Fort Lauderdale.
An exhaustive bibliography on prostatitis and fertility from Dr. Mazzoli of Italy.
Dr. Shoskes reviews three recent cases. He says they illustrate the multi-faceted causes of prostatitis.
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