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The following is a statement by the individual author, not The Prostatitis Foundation. The Prostatitis Foundation is not endorsing the product that the writer is endorsing, and only passes the information along in the spirit of letting patients know everything they can and make their own decisions. (See Credo ). If you have any questions or comments on this page, please write to the author.
Dear Prostatitis Sufferers,
I have read quite a bit of the information on the Internet and I am very surprised that I haven't seen mention of Prostata. I have been taking this pill for about two years now and it has definitely lessoned my suffering from prostatitis. It hasn't cured me, but at least I haven't had to go to my urologist and take these nasty and ineffective antibiotics since I got on it. I am 39 years old and have been suffering from prostatitis for about 5 years.
Prostata is supplied by a company called Gero Vita International, Reno, NV 89502, (800) 406-1314. When I first contacted them to get more information they sent me a nice article by Dr. James Balch and the Urology Research Center.
The article included extensive references about research by European doctors using some of the herbs in Prostata. The pill contains many of the ingredients mentioned on the Internet. Here they are:
Urtica dioica extract 16:1, 150 mg;
Serenoa serrulata extract, 106mg;
Apis mellifica, 83.33 mg;
L-Alanine, 66.67 mg;
Glycine, 66.67 mg;
L-Glutamic acid, 66.67 mg;
Pygeum Africanum extract, 50 mg;
Vitamin B6, 15 mg;
Panax ginseng extract, 8.33 mg;
Zinc arginate, 7.5 mg;
Hydrangea extract, 5 mg;
Copper, 0.5 mg;
Beta Carotene, 8,333 IU.
It seems criminal to me that I had to discover this pill after about 3 years of suffering and my urologist never said a word to me about it. He did nothing but dump one anibiotic after the next down me until it was clear that he had no clue how to cure me. At one point I begged him for research information. (I hadn't discovered the Internet at the time.) He answered that it would be difficult for me to understand and that he knew had researched this condition himself and knew all that there was to know about it. For the record, I had no trouble understanding all of the articles sent to me by Gero Vita.
Thanks to all of you who have written of similar experiences to let me know that I am not the only one. Also, thanks to the Prostatitis Foundation for allowing me to discover that there are some urologists who are honest and will admit when they don't have all of the answers. This has restored at least some of my faith in the medical profession.
Fellow prostatitis sufferer

This information is forwarded to you by the Prostatitis Foundation. We do not provide medical advice. We distribute literature and information relevant to prostatitis. While we encourage all research we do not endorse any doctor, medicine or treatment protocol. Consult with your own physician.
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