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In the past, too little research has been done on prostatitis. Thanks to The Prostatitis Foundation's lobbying efforts, the federal government is now backing some research into prostatitis. See and

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List of abstracts on this site
Abstracts from the October, 2000 International Prostatitis Collaborative Network workshops in Arlington, VA.
Abstracts from the November, 1999 IPCN meeting.
News from the 1999 AUA Convention (urologists' meeting) in Dallas. Abstractsfrom the 1999 meeting.
A May 1999 abstract from the Journal of Clinical Microbiology cites Dr. Shoskes work on Corynebacteria.
A May 1999 abstract from the International Journal of Urology makes the case for frequent ejaculation to relieve the symptoms of prostatitis.
An October 1998 review publication on chronic bacterial prostatitis, available from the American Society for Microbiology , clarifies many aspects of prostatitis. Click for an abstract:
From the Journal of Clinical Microbiology, Aug., 1998, an article on the prospects for using rapid DNA assays for bacteria in treating bacterial illness.
Dr. Daniel Shoskes of UCLA has posted several interesting abstracts on his own website. These include comments on "massage," Quercetin and Corynebacteria.
A new report on this site about a paper, available on medline , on how bacteria form "Biofilms" allowing them to resist bacteria and immune responses, in prostatitis and other urinary tract infections. The article on this site reports on and summarizes remarks of the authors, including Dr. Curtis Nickel
An Abstract from the May 1998 meeting of AUA on using DNA technology to detect bits of bacterial genes in prostate tissues. The results imply that bacterial infection of prostates is quite common and also raise a flag about bacterial infection as an initial step towards cancer.
An Abstract from the May 1998 meeting of AUA reporting a study of men's visits to the doctor for prostatitis problems which shows that pain is the major complaint that differs from BPH.
In the March, 1998 edition of the British Journal of Urology , Drs. Brad Hennenfent and A.E. Feliciano report on the usefulness of thrice-weekly drainage in diagnosing prostatitis. (The article is in portable document format and you will need a .pdf reader, availblefree from Adobe, to view the article)
An article on drug resistant bacteria is food for thought regarding prostatitis. click here
An article by your webmaster summarizes an article in Urology Times which reports on a speech by Dr. Curtis Nickel.
A news release from Washington University and an abstract from Nature on research into how E-coli survives antibiotics in the bladder have been added to the site. This research may provide an important clue to how bacteria survive antibiotics in the prostate gland as well.
One of the founders of the prostatitis foundation, Dr. Brad Hennenfent MD (not a urologist) has compiled The Prostatitis Syndromes , a 100-page book or monograph to serve as a print guide for patients or doctors getting oriented to the problem of prostatitis.. Link to the book's page for details. You can also see Dr. Hennefent's letter to the journal Emerging Infectious Diseases, which is published by the Centers For Disease Control (CDC), Atlanta.
The Internet Survey on Prostatitis by Dave Trissel and Dr. Richard B. Alexander of University of Maryland has been posted on the prostatitis website. Thanks to Dave Trissel for this. Some correspondents had reported difficulty obtaining the paper from the UMD site.
Dr. Russel Kerschmann's 1996 lecture on the pathology of prostatitis is no longer available. A collection of newsgroup comments on Dr. Kerschmann's lecture.
The December, 1996 edition of the Journal of Clinical Microbiology includes an article by Dr. John Krieger and his team at the University of Washington on the potential for use of PCR, an advanced molecular biology technique, in diagnosing prostatitis cases which do not reveal any bacteriological cause by more conventional means. We are requesting permission to publish the entire paper here. The American Society of Microbiology , which publishes the journal, has a website (see link) but does not publish the text. In the meantime, we have a collection of newsgroup comments on Dr. Krieger's paper, including an abstract and extensive quotes.
We provide a list of mass-market books on the prostate, most of which have chapters on prostatitis. However, few of these books challenge the conventional belief that if doctors can't find bacteria, it must be non-bacterial prostatitis.

The mission of the Prostatitis Foundation is to educate the public about the prevalence of prostatitis
and encourage and support research to find the cause and a cure for prostatitis.

We're sorry you are having to learn about prostatitis, but we're glad you came here, because we think we can help. Please be advised that the Prostatitis Foundation does
not warrant, support, sponsor, endorse, recommend or accept responsibility for any health care provider or any treatment or protocol performed by any heath care provider.

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