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INFORMEDICA Clinic, Sebastopol, Ukraine

Aaron, the original Manila patient, visited a clinic on the Black Sea. This is his report from 1996:

On a recent visit to the Ukraine I learned of a prostatitis clinic in the southern part of the country in a city called Sevastopol. I decided to actually go there for a visit and find out the facts.

On my arrival in Sevastopol I met with the head urologist. He was very friendly and welcomed my inquiries. He explained to me his belief that all prostatitis is caused by bacteria. Extensive culturing and sensitivity testing is done on a regular basis for all pathogens (bacteria, protozoan, fungus, etc.) along with prostatic drainage. I was very happy to hear this. Microwave therapy is never used for prostatitis and cystoscopy is rarely used unless necessary to diagnose another problem.

On the Left is Stanislav Glushkov, the English speaking contact person of Infomedica, and on the right is Oleg, who is one of the principals of Infomedica. Photo taken in Sevastopol by Black Sea.

Depending on the circumstances the prostatic drainage is done by either using the finger or by special equipment they have which fully empties the contents of the prostate. The entire treatment is highly individualized. On starting treatment you are given a battery of tests lasting about 5 hours.

During my meeting the urologist kept bringing up something called "Amniocen". This is a drug unique to the ex-USSR and manufactured near Odessa, Ukraine. The urologist refers to this as an extraordinary weapon that revs up the immune system and makes all the other drugs and antibiotics given more effective. This drug is given thruout treatment either by injection in the arm or in some cases by injection in other parts of the body or intravenous depending on your particular case.

The treatment consists of 2 one month periods spaced about 6 months apart. In other words you're treated at the clinic for 1 month and than you return 5 to 6 months later for one more month of treatment. Some cases require only 1 month of treatment with no return. Treatment can take 5 to 6 hours a day and consists of drugs, massage, therapy, consultation, lab tests, ultrasound and others. Cost of treatment is about $3000. The majority of patients are cured and rid of bacteria and pain.

The urologist mentioned to me that despite all pathogens being removed some don't respond or still have their symptoms and in those cases they use a procedure they perfected where they transplant cells of the prostate. I was told the procedure is expensive but in just about every case the pain is eliminated.

The clinic treats about 25 prostatitis patients a week in a hospital type setting. They have 14 urologists on staff and just about all of them will handle your case on a rotating basis and give you individual attention. They have hospital facilities if your case requires it otherwise there is a modern hi-rise hotel located just across the street where you can stay.

Patients thruout the Ukraine and Russia travel to this clinic for treatment. The clinic is unknown outside the ex-USSR so has never treated an American. The head urologist says he looks forward to treating American patients. He is aware of the complete lack of concern and uncaring attitude of American doctors concerning prostatitis and has assured me you will not find anything like that here. My impression of the clinic was favorable and I would feel very comfortable having treatment there.

Location map of the Crimean PeninsulaLocation of the Crimean Peninsula

Travelllng to the Ukraine requires a visa which you can obtain from the Ukrainian embassy in New York. Your visa must have "Sevastopol" written in it. The clinic will give you the document for this for you to use when obtaining the visa. Air Ukraine has direct flights from New York or Chicago to Kiev.

In Kiev you need to change to the domestic airport and take a connecting flight to Simferopol (a city 50 miles away from Sevastopol) where it can be arranged for a car to pick you up and take you to the clinic. As an alternative you can take a flight to Moscow. You than need to change to their domestic airport where you can get a flight on Aeroflot russian airlines direct to Simferopol. Also there is an overnight train that goes from Kiev directly to Sevastopol and will leave you about 3 miles from the clinic.

Location of Sevastopol on Crimean Peninsula.

Sevastopol is a picturesque city of 400,000 located on the Black Sea. The clinic can arrange sightseeing tours for you with an English-speaking person or guide for an additional fee. English-speaking person could also be used at the clinic since English is not spoken there.

As is typical of most of the ex-USSR, the buildings are old and not well maintained. You sort of get the feeling you stepped back in time from looking at your surroundings.
However I found the people there to be very caring and would much rather concentrate on their knowledge rather than their surroundings. The clinic welcomes your questions but since they are very busy they would prefer detailed questions concerning your particular case rather than questions of a general nature. Since these are urologists they can perform a wide range of diagnostic testing that a GP or other practitioner can't to be sure your problem is prostatitis and not possibly something else or to find out just what the problem really is. Other urological problems besides prostatitis are also treated there. They have many specialists on staff to treat just about all other urological diseases. With the discovery of this clinic there is now another option available to you for treatment.

Contact information:

Medical Firm: INFORMEDICA,

Sevastopol, Ukraine.

English speaking contact:

Stanislav Glushkov .

E-mail: root@algor.sebastopol.ua (note: the 'b' in sevastopol is not a typo).

Be sure to note on all email - Attention: Stanislav Glushkov.

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