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Self Drainage -- One Man's Answers

Could you please post my prostate massage technique for me anonymously You could say one survey had the following comments on prostate massage This is kind of embarrassing for me, so I would prefer if you could post it.
I do believe it might help others.
I tried recently to get my primary care doc to do massage 3X a week but he said insurance would not cover the visits. At most once a week...
The Uro said he couldn't get any EPS so there wasn't a problem in the prostate. He said he thought the problem was in my brain All I know is if I have a pimple that is sore and swollen (and ready to pop) that draining it will give instant an almost complete relief of pain. Very similar to a swollen clogged duct in the prostate feels better when only 4-5 drops are drained from it. I do not believe that drainage alone will cure the infection but it sure does relieve the dull pressure feeling and aching pain.
I now do massage myself and get EPS every time with immediate relief of local prostate pain/pressure. I lay on my side with my legs bent in the fetal position and legs propped apart with a large pillow or some thing. I use K-y and cut one finger off a vinyl surgical glove and slip that over my thumb. I can't use the index finger as proposed in the self massage directions... can't bend my wrist that way and the thumb is positioned perfectly and, can exert a good amount of pressure. Also I get 5 for one from the glove and you don't really need a whole glove anyway The biggest factors in my success are:
1. When the massage is done correctly and EPS is being forced out of the prostate there is a feeling like you are going to pass urine. Well my primary care doc (who is a good doc... listens to the patient) told me I would feel this... BUT what he did NOT say was, don't try and fight it. What I do now is actually try to pee and the EPS will come out. If I fight it then I will not get any. Other 2 uros never said anything about what I was supposed to do. Except relax, which is hard to do with a stranger sticking his finger up your butt.
2. The technique I use is initially a constant firm pressure on the anterior (?? part furthest back from the openings to the urethra...) area of the prostate. I do not move my thumb. To get all the way to the back of the prostate I actually push like I would during a bowl movement and the prostate gets pushed lower and I can get my thumb way to the back.
After the constant pressure for 2-3 seconds I slowly press the thumb down towards the openings and I can feel the EPS starting to come out. This is where a slight pushing like you are trying to urinate comes in. If I don't I can actually stop the EPS. However when I stand up there is usually a small drop after 5-10 seconds.
I have good drainages (8-12 drops) and not so good (maybe just a drop) but the normal is 4-5 drops. If I don't get much out and the pressure is bad
I do it again the next day and usually get more EPS and relief of pain
PS: I bet most uros squeeze their toothpaste from the middle of the tube

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