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Two prostatitis abstracts --comments

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Newsgroups: sci.med.prostate.prostatitis
Subject: Re: UCLA Clinical Results
Date: 17 Nov 2021 These are very interesting studies by Dr. Shoskes. Below are questions and comments. Thank you doc for sharing the info with us and putting more light on Prostatitis treatment.

Since I don't have the details of the study, some of my comments could be wrong. I hope Dr. Shoskes would comment on the material below.

1. Prostatic massage was used more frequently in the past as a treatment method, but is not as popular nowadays. Would you agree with me that the study does not prove that the it was the combination of antibiotics and message that produced the abation of symptoms as opposed to massage only?
Dr. Shoskes: Absolutely
2. What did the Emperical Treatment consist of for patients without positive cultures? Did these patients have a different "cure" rate?
Dr. Shoskes: Usually selected an antibiotic that the patient had not taken before with good coverage of gram positive bugs (Augmentin, Zithromax or Keflex)
3. In the patients that had symptomatic relief, what was the"final" WBC countlike, i.e, did the signs/indicators of inflammation dissappear?
Dr. Shoskes: Not always.
4. Was there a followup period? What was the average or median length of treatment?
Dr. Shoskes: Median duration of treatment: 2.5 weeks
Dr. Shoskes: Median followup: 5 months
5. Regarding the Quercetin sudy, doctors in Europe prescribe Quercetin for a period of 6 monhts. It would be interesting to see what the results are for patients who achieved symptomatic relief if they stop Quercetin after 6 months. Also, it would be interesting to know what the "final" WBC count was like in the NBP/CBP patients who responded completely to the drug.
6. Is Quercetin related to bee pollen or Cernilton?
Dr. Shoskes: No.
7. Although unrelated to the study, is it true that most patients with NBP, especially those with light symptoms become asymptomatic with time as the inflammation slowly heals up?
8. Doctors in Europe are also using Acetylcystein in conjunction with antibiotics. This is a drug that is used in bronchitis patients to dissolve mucous. I wonder if this is a way to chemically produce a drainage effect in the prostate. Are you familiar with this? Opinions?
Dr. Shoskes: None
Thanks again Dr. Shoskes.

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