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From: IBM Aptiva Customer jess9@erols.com

Soy Isolates

I feel I owe this newsgroup a message as I spent a lot of time reading up on cures to prostatitis and finally found one that worked but never posted this info.
In 9/97 I came down with severe prostatitis and could barely walk. I went to a urologist several times and tried 3 kinds of antibiotics. I had the best luck with cipro but about 50% of the pain continued. 5/98 I started reading up on the www.prostate.org website and tried most of the herbs I read about there including saw palmetto.
I continued with 30% of original pain and then finally in 10/98 I read about how in Japan there is almost no prostatitis and it may be because of the amount of soy in their diet. I bought a bottle of concentrated soy isoflavones (Walmart $6.00 for a bottle of 30 made by Sundown) and took 2 or 3 a day. 5 days later I had no symptoms whatsoever and now, 6/99 still no symptoms. I sometimes buy a bottle and take 1 a day to make sure it doesn't return.
Anyway, that's my good news.

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